What big data tells us – in health care, cybersecurity, sustainability and elections

David Bader

Every day sees more data created around the world than every day before, with a staggering 64 billion terabytes amassed in 2020 alone.

Big data leaves large organizations wondering how to manage their share and individuals concerned about how to be heard. And both groups fret about information overload, privacy and security.

NJIT’s David Bader is adept at discussing these issues as a nationally recognized data scientist who seeks new ways for companies to analyze massive data streams that arrive in real-time. He’s also a pioneer of Linux supercomputing who’s developing software to bring the power of supercomputers to regular people.

Additionally, as director of NJIT's Institute for Data Science, Bader seeks powerful solutions to myriad global challenges. As he explains:

“We personalized health and medicine. We look at cyber security applications. We look at urban sustainability. We even look at things like, how do we ensure trustworthy elections?”

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