Expect more terrorist attacks in Russia, political expert says

Craig Albert

A deadly subway explosion in St. Petersburg, Russia, Monday morning has been declared a terrorist attack, and we can expect more of these kinds of incidents and threats, according to Augusta University political scientist Dr. Craig Albert.

As a leading scholar in American politics and foreign affairs, Albert’s research focuses on Islamic extremism, Chechnya and the rise of ISIS.

“As more Russians return from Syria fighting for ISIS, and as the Caucasus region remains in strife, especially Chechnya and Dagestan, we can expect more and larger terrorist attacks inside Russia's major cities,” Albert said.

Albert teaches courses on war and terrorism, American politics and political philosophy; he also directs the Model United Nations Program. Albert is a political contributor to The Augusta Chronicle and he’s appeared on national media broadcasts, including a live interview with Megyn Kelly for Fox News Channel on the Boston Marathon bombing. He has also testified before the U.S. Congress on Islamic Extremism.

Albert is available for Skype, email and phone interviews.