To Fight or Fill - Will Democrats Fight or Fold as the Vetting of Neil Gorsuch Begins?

Martha Ginn

On Monday, the official vetting and nomination process to fill the vacant seat on the Supreme Court left vacant by the sudden passing of Justice Antonin Scalia began.

Earlier this year, President Trump nominated conservative judge Neil Gorsuch to fill this seat – since then it has been met with much attention and controversy.

Democrats in Washington have promised a detailed vetting and for President Trump’s nominee to expect strong opposition.

But will it matter? Republicans control the Senate. They already have the votes in-hand to ensure as speedy and smooth a process as possible.

Gorsuch is also viewed by many legal and political experts as a reasonable replacement for the late Scalia. The make-up of the Court won’t be drastically changed at all. Politically, this could offer a great opportunity for Democrats to grandstand and oppose Gorsuch’s past rulings and potential influence on the country as he will be a sitting judge for decades to come. They’ll be heard, but they won’t win.

Or, is this not the hill for Democrats to die on? Like all things in Washington – politics will be at play.

So, what will it mean, how will it play out and what can Americans expect if Gorsuch is finally appointed to America’s highest court?

That’s where the experts at Augusta University can help.

Dr. Martha Ginn is a political expert on the judicial process, constitutional law and the U.S. Supreme Court. She is an associate professor of Political Science at Augusta University and has spoken with media many times regarding the Supreme Court. She is available to speak to this very important issue. Click her icon above to arrange an interview.