Douglas Bowman

McGreevy Term Chair and Professor of Marketing

This year’s Olympics are like no other. From the empty stadiums to the daily Covid testing, Goizueta’s Mike Lewis, Professor of Marketing and Faculty Director, Emory Marketing Analytics Center, can discuss how this year’s Olympics will impact fan support and endorsement deals for athletes. And when it comes to endorsements, what are brands doing this year to connect to the athletes? Goizueta’s Doug Bowman, McGreevy Term Chair and Professor of Marketing can discuss the risk of a brand partnerin... Read More

Thomas Smith

Associate Professor in the Practice of Finance

This week (July 31) the CDC’s moratorium on evictions during the pandemic ends. Saturday’s deadline is the fifth extension of the moratorium that helps protect those unable to pay rent because of job loss during the pandemic. Goizueta’s Tom Smith can discuss what this moratorium means for the economy and how it could impact low income housing.

Brandon Smith

Adjunct Faculty in the Practice of Management Communication

As schools return to in-person learning and more offices return to work, the re-entry into the pre-pandemic lifestyle has some people nervous. What will the return to work look like? Will employees be comfortable around each other? What will employers do to ensure their employee’s safety? Goizueta Business School’s Brandon Smith can talk about the office culture and how employees can prepare for a successful return to work.

Daniel McCarthy

Assistant Professor of Marketing

Netflix has announced it will add video games to its subscription service. After 15 months at home, many Americans have added a long list of streaming services to help entertain them, feed them or keep them fit. Now that movie theaters, restaurants, and gyms have reopened, how are subscription services reinventing themselves to keep their customers? Goizueta Assistant Professor of Marketing, Dan McCarthy studies subscription services and says this is just the first of many changes coming to keep... Read More

As you know, the pandemic introduced many challenges to higher education, but it also opened up immense opportunities. As we look toward “back to school” in the fall, how will the student experience change? Universities must continue to innovate and adapt - using new technology to elevate opportunities for students and extend global reach. Emory University’s Goizueta Business School is celebrating the opening of three next generation global classrooms that deliver a truly immersive, dynamic expe... Read More