Michael Lewis

Professor of Marketing; Faculty Director, Emory Marketing Analytics Center

Ticket Sales Ticket prices are a lot higher than expected. Goizueta Business School’s Ramnath Chellappa can discuss what goes into setting prices and why the ticket prices are starting at a once in a lifetime rate.Fans Goizueta Business Professor Mike Lewis studies fans and finds Braves fans and Astros fans are very different. How does a trip to the World Series change impact fandom and what do teams need to do to keep fans interested in the long term?Economic Impact The World Series is a big wi... Read More

It is no surprise that social media is impacting what we buy and where we eat. Last week, Alabama Rush TikTok shined the light on small boutiques throughout the south. Now pop-up restaurants are seeing an uptick in business thanks to Instagram and TikTok. Goizueta adjunct professor Marina Cooley can detail how social channels, especially TikTok, can unlock growth for small businesses and be the key to success.

Allison Burdette

Professor in the Practice of Business Law

This week’s FDA approval of the Pfizer vaccine opens a new discussion on vaccine mandates and businesses. Now that the Pfizer vaccine is fully approved, it is expected that more businesses will require the vaccine for the return to work and for concerts, shopping or dining. Goizueta Business School’s Allison Burdette says vaccine requirements for schools, the military and in medical services are well established. There are many legal parallels to the smallpox vaccine mandates in the early 1900s.... Read More

Christoph Herpfer

Assistant Professor of Finance

This week’s United Nations report on climate change unveils the past decade was the hottest on the planet for more than 100 years and carbon dioxide has not been this high in two million years. The rapport claims burning oil, gas and coal are to blame. Climate change is having an impact on the economy and interest rates. Goizueta Business School Assistant Professor of Finance, Christoph Herpfer has looked at the financial markets and how climate change is impacting interest rates and loan pricin... Read More

Raymond Hill

Senior Lecturer of Finance

Congress could vote as soon as this weekend (August 7) on a $1 trillion infrastructure bill. The legislation would provide funding for road, bridges, rail, public transit, broadband, and water infrastructure. Goizueta Business School’s Ray Hill can discuss what really needs to be done about infrastructure in the U.S., whether this money will be well spent, and the importance of Federal funding for these projects.Where should the money be coming from? Government only? Federal or States? What abo... Read More