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Dr. Ruth Finkelstein

Associate Director

    Dr. Ruth Finkelstein translates interdisciplinary scientific knowledge on aging and its societal implications into policy-focused practice.

    Age Friendly EnvironmentsInfectious DiseasesEducation and TrainingActive AgeingLifelong LearningAgeing in PlacePublic Policy

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    Dr. Robert E. Roush


      Dr. Roush trains healthcare professionals about the role of age-related changes in making executive decisions about finances.

      Education and TrainingActive AgeingLifelong LearningAgeing in PlaceFrailtyPublic PolicyGerontologyPublic Health and AgeingGeriatricsMedical EducationElder Financial Abuse

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      Dr. Stephen E. Judd

      Chief Executive

        Dr. Stephen E. Judd's studies contribute to dementia care, aged care design and the role of charities in contemporary Australian society.

        Long-Term CareQuality of CarePublic PolicySocial Technologies in AgeingFrailtyDementia

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        Dr. Holly Ramsey-Klawsnik

        Researcher & Clinician

          Dr. Holly Ramsey-Klawsnik is a sociologist researcher, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, and Licensed Certified Social Worker.

          Public PolicyActive AgeingElder AbuseHuman RightsFrailtyResearch regarding social services assessment & intervention

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          Dr. José Ricardo Jáuregui


            Dr. Jauregui's current goals are to develop research for geriatrics and gerontology in areas including ​​Sarcopenia and nutrition.

            Geriatrics and GerontologyAgeing ResearchPreventative Medicine