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Ali Al-Khattawi

Lecturer in Pharmaceutics

    Dr Al-Khattawi's research interests are on the development of innovative particle design and fabrication strategies.

    PharamaceuticalsPharmaceutical ProductsPharmaceutical Particle EngineeringFabrication Strategies

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    Dr Muhammad Azmat

    Assistant Professor in Logistics and SCM

      Dr Azmat's interests include Drone & Drone Swarms, Autonomous & Connected Vehicles, Supply Chain, and Humanitarian Logistics.

      Humanitarian Logistics and Supply ChainInnovation in MobilitySupply Chain ManagementTransportH Social Sciences (General)LogisticsLogistics 4.0Autonomous and Connected Vehicles

      Profile picture for Dr Raj Badhan

      Dr Raj Badhan

      Lecturer in Pharmacokinetics

        Dr Badhan's interest is in applying clinical pharmacokinetics to challenging pre-clinical scenarios and clinical patient groups scenarios.

        PharmacokineticsPopulation PharmacokineticsModellingMental HealthPaediatricsPregnancyMedicines OptimisationOpioid Abuse

        Profile picture for Cliff Bailey

        Cliff Bailey

        Emeritus Professor, College of Health and Life Sciences

          Professor Bailey's research is mainly directed towards the pathogenesis and treatment of diabetes.

          DiabetesEndocrinologyInsulin TherapyDiabetes TreatmentsSurrogate Beta-Cells

          Profile picture for Tim Baines

          Tim Baines

          Professor of Operations Strategy

            Professor Baines specialises in the realisation of competitive manufacturing operations.

            Business ModelsAdvanced ServicesServitizationManufacturingOperations Strategy

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