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Dr. Arun Advani

Professor, Economics

Arun Advani is an expert on issues of inequality, migration, tax compliance, climate policy, and taxation in developing countries.

DevelopmentCultureTaxEconomicsInequalityMigrationClimate Policy

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Dr. David Armstrong

STFC Ernest Rutherford Fellow, Physics

David Armstrong is an expert on the habitability and detection of exoplanets, machine learning, variable stars and eclipsing binaries.

Planet DetectionAstrophysicsExoplanetsAstronomyEclipsing BinariesPhysics

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Dr. Thomas Barber

Associate Professor and Honorary Consultant Endocrinologist, Warwick Medical School

Thomas Barber researches the impact of human metabolism on development of obesity, and prevention and management of obesity and diabetes.

Obesity ManagementHuman MetabolismMetabolismEndocrinologyObesityDiabetesDiabetes Prevention

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Prof. Gary Barker

Professor, Physics

Gary Barker's research focuses on measuring the properties of neutrinos through studies of neutrino oscillations.

Physics EducationNeutrino PhysicsParticle PhysicsPhysics

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Dr. David Brown

Research Fellow, Physics - Astronomy

David Brown researches the discovery of extra-solar planets, the evolution of planetary systems, and tides on extra-solar planets.

AstronomySatellites and Space TelescopesExoplanet AtmospheresExoplanet DiscoveriesExomoonsGeneral Astronomy and Astrophysics

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Prof. Francesco Cappuccio

Professor & Cephalon Chair in Cardiovascular Medicine & Epidemiology, Warwick Medical School

Francesco Cappuccio is an expert in the epidemiology of cardiovascular disease, nutrition, metabolic abnormalities and cardiovascular risk.

Salt IntakeCardiovascular RiskEpidemiology of Cadiovascular DiseaseSleep DeprivationSleepHypertentionMetabolic AbnormalitiesSleep Disorders

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