Profile picture for Raheem Beyah

Raheem Beyah

VP Interdisciplinary Research, professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Raheem Beyah is an expert in the intersection of the networking and security fields.

Energy Grid SecurityNetwork SecurityCyber-physical systems securityPrivacyNetwork Monitoring and Performance

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Saad Bhamla

Assistant Professor, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

The Bhamla Lab explores fundamental and applied research questions through the development of new experimental tools and techniques.

Materials and NanotechnologyBiotechnologyOrganismic PhysicsGlobal HealthComplex Systems

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Steven Biegalski

Professor, Program Chair, Mechanical Engineering

Steven Biegalski is an expert on nuclear analytical methods, research isotope production, and nuclear forensics.

Research Isotope ProductionNuclear ReactorsNuclear ForensicsUS Nuclear ProductionNuclear Non-ProliferationNuclear Analytical Methods

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Joe Brown

Assistant Professor, Environmental Engineering

Joe Brown’s research interests include water infrastructure sustainability and detection methods for pathogens in the environment.

Water and Wastewater MicrobiologyAntimicrobial Resistance in the EnvironmentEngineering Applications in Underserved CommunitiesBioaerosols

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Baratunde A. Cola

Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Cola brings science to energy and thermal management solutions.

Applications of Carbon NanotubesThermal Management of ElectronicsCombustion and Energy SystemsHeat TransferMicro and Nano EngineeringEnergy Transport and Conversion at the Nanoscale