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Dorothee C.E. Bakker

Associate Professor in Marine Biogeochemistry

    Her interest is in the marine carbon cycle – and particularly the uptake of carbon dioxide by the oceans.

    OceanographyAir-sea interactionsMarine Biogeochemical CyclesCarbonate ChemistryMarine Biogeochemistry

    Profile picture for Sheheryar Banuri

    Sheheryar Banuri

    Associate Professor in Economics

      His primary area of research is in motivation and incentives, particular in the public sector.

      Political EconomyMotivation and IncentivesEconomicsBehavioral EconomicsFinance

      Profile picture for Diana Bell

      Diana Bell

      Professor of Conservation Biology

        Her research covers the risks from the trade in wildlife and how this leads to human disease.

        Wildlife DiseaseHuman DiseaseConservation BiologyAnimal ParasitesViruses

        Profile picture for Adrian Benfell

        Adrian Benfell

        Associate Professor in Digital Business

          He looks at how businesses can become more digital and how they can be transformed into more digital businesses.

          BusinessEnterprise Resource PlanningDigital BusinessCustomer Relationship ManagementSoftware Development for Businesses

          Profile picture for Paul Bernal

          Paul Bernal

          Professor of Information Technology Law

            His areas of interest are the law of the internet, media law, surveillance, online privacy and social media.

            Intellectual PropertyOnline Privacy LawsSocial MediaTechnologyMedia Law

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