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Ron Laurie

Chairman & CIPO | InventionShare

    Ron Laurie has worked in Silicon Valley since before it had that name.

    Patent InfringementM&AIntellectual Property (IP)Patent LawIP StrategyJoint Ventures/Strategic PartnershipsInvention Companies

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    Greg Waite

    CEO | InventionShare

      Greg Waite is an entrepreneur, inventor and angel investor

      Financial & Social LeverageSpin-outBreakthrough TechnologiesBreakthrough Invention FundTechnology CommercializationIntellectual PropertyInformation ManagementBusiness ProcessesInvention CompaniesJoint Ventures/Strategic Partnerships

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      David Keys

      COO | InventionShare

        David has over 30 years experience as a technology lawyer and manager

        Business ProcessesExecutive ManagementBusiness StrategiesInternational BusinessTechnologyBusiness Law

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        Keith Taylor

        Vice President, Business Development | InventionShare

          Keith Taylor has over thirty years experience in management, marketing, business development and sales

          Invention CompaniesBusiness ServicesBusiness DevelopmentManagementMarketingResearch & Analysis

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          Lesley Gent

          Director Client Relations | InventionShare

            Lesley Gent is an experienced client relations executive

            Research & AnalysisProduct ManagementCustomer ServiceClient RelationsResearch ManagementCorporate Intelligence

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            Alberto Perez

            Invention Engineering Analyst | InventionShare

              Alberto Perez is an Invention Analyst at InventionShare

              Patents & Intellectual PropertyTechnical MarketingResearch & AnalysisCorporate IntelligenceInvention AnalysisEngineering & Technology

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              Thomas G. Hogan, Jr.

              Senior Vice President of Fund Architecture | InventionShare

                Driving profitable growth through visionary leadership, business insight and successful execution of complex corporate strategic initiatives

                Professional DevelopmentStructuringTransition LeadershipTurnaroundsIPOTransactions & Deal-MakingCorporate & Operational FinanceStrategic VisionExecutive LeadershipDistribution LeadershipM&AStrategic AlliancesChange ManagementStrategic Technology LeadershipNegotiations

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                Randy Kun

                Director Marketing and Communications | InventionShare

                  Randy Kun is a seasoned professional in product management, marketing, strategy and execution.

                  Product and Marketing StrategyProduct ManagementMarket Positioning and Messaging