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Reza Azarderakhsh, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor and I-SENSE Fellow

    Reza Azarderakhsh's primary research interests are in cryptography and security.

    Post-Quantum CryptographyElliptic Curve CryptographyCryptographic EngineeringFinite Field

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    Elan Barenholtz, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor

      Elan Barenholtz uses behavioral and embedded computational approaches to study the brain and behavior.

      Embedded Computational Neural ModelsPerception and LearningDeep Learning

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      Randy Blakely, Ph.D.

      Executive Director, FAU Brain Institute & Professor, Biomedical Science

        Randy Blakely is an expert in molecular neuroscience, focusing on how diseases and drugs impact the function of brain synapses and circuits.

        MedicationsBrainNeuroscienceBrain DiseaseSynapse

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        Jane Caputi, Ph.D.


          Jane Caputi is an expert in contemporary American cultural studies, including popular culture, gender and violence, and ecofeminism.

          FeminismGender and ViolenceContemporary American Cultural StudiesPopular CultureEcofeminism

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          Eric Chiang, Ph.D.

          Associate Professor

            Eric Chiang's research interests include: international economics, economics education, and intellectual property rights.

            EconometricsIntellectual Property RightsInternational EconomicsEconomics EducationMacroeconomics

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            Rebel Cole, Ph.D.

            Lynn Eminent Scholar Endowed Professor of Finance

              Rebel Cole is an expert in commercial banking, corporate governance, financial institutions, real estate and small-business finance.

              Small Business FinanceFinancial InstitutionsCommercial BankingCorporate GovernanceReal Estate

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              LeaAnne DeRigne, MSW, Ph.D.

              Associate Professor

                LeaAnne DeRigne's area of research expertise is in paid sick leave, flexible work, vacation time, and pensions.

                vacation timePensionsHealth Care PolicyLabor Market ParticipationSick LeaveFlexible Work

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                Kate Detwiler, Ph.D.

                Associate Professor of Anthropology

                  Kate Detwiler's research focus is on the evolution and conservation of African forest monkeys.

                  AnthropologyConservation of African MonkeysMolecular PrimatologyPrimate HybridizationPrimate SpeciationPrimate Behavioral EcologyAfrican Monkeys

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                  Monica Escaleras, Ph.D.

                  Associate Professor and Director of the Business and Economics Polling Initiative

                    Monica Escaleras is an expert in natural disasters and political economy.

                    DecentralizationBusiness AdministrationBusiness and Economics PollingNatural DisastersPolitical EconomyAgricultural EconomicsCorruption

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                    Gregg Fields, Ph.D.

                    Chair of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

                      Gregg Fields uses chemistry to answer biological questions, many of which assist in the diagnosis and treatment of major diseases.

                      Extracellular Matrix BiochemistryMatrix MetalloproteinaseCollagenDrug DiscoveryProtein BiochemistryChemical BiologySolid Phase Synthesis