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Brooke Flammang

Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences

    Professor Flammang specializes in functional morphology, biomechanics, and bioinspired technology of fishes, including sharks and remora.

    Marine BiologyPhysiologyBiomechanicsBiologyBiomechanics of Animal LocomotionAnatomy

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    Eric Fortune

    Associate Professor

      Eric Fortune specializes in evolutionary biology, specifically the mechanisms and evolution of animal behavior.

      LocomotionBirdsBiologyNeuroscienceEvolutionary BiologySensory and Motor SystemsMechanisms of Animal BehaviorNeurons

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      Simon Garnier

      Assistant Professor, College of Science and Liberal Arts

        Professor Garnier focuses on the study of collective behaviors and swarm intelligence in natural and artificial systems

        Biological SciencesSwarm RoboticsInterdisciplinary EducationCollective BehaviorSwarm IntelligenceArtificial Intelligence

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        Neil Maher


          Neil Maher studies environmental and political history in the 20th century, urban history and the history of environmental justice.

          Environmental HistoryHistory of Environmental Justice20th Century US Environmental and Political HistoryUS HistoryUrban HistoryFederated History

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          Saikat Pal

          Assistant Professor

            Saikat Pal studies human movement, musculoskeletal disorders, sports performance and robotic technology to improve mobility.

            Biomedical EngineeringMobility DisordersHuman MovementRobotic TechnologyMechanical EngineeringMusculoskeletal DisordersAssistive TechnologiesBiomechanicsRehabiliation Robotics