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Amir AghaKouchak

Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering

    Amir AghaKouchak studies how climate change and variability influence extreme events (flood/drought/heatwaves) and compound hazards.

    Climate ExtremesClimatologyClimate ChangeFloodDroughtHeatwaveHydrologyRemote Sensing of the Environment

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    Aileen Anderson

    Director of the Sue and Bill Gross Stem Cell Research Center

      Dr. Anderson is an expert on stem cell research, with a focus on spinal cord and traumatic brain injury.

      GlioblastomaStem Cell BiologyStem Cell ResearchSpinal Cord Injury

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      Richard Arum

      Professor of Education and Sociology

        Richard Arum's research is focused on education, social stratification and formal organizations.

        Social StratificationLegal and Institutional Environments of SchoolsDigital Education

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        Dr. Alan Barbour

        Professor of Medicine-Infectious Diseases

          For more than 30 years Alan Barbour has been studying infectious diseases, and is a world-leading expert on Lyme disease.

          Evolutionary BiologyMicrobiologyInfectious DiseaseMedicineMolecular Genetics

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          Bernadette Boden-Albala

          Director of Program in Public Health and Founding Dean of proposed School of Population Health

            Bernadette Boden-Albala, Dr.P.H., is a renowned researcher & administrator who researches community-based stroke & heart disease prevention.

            Stroke and heart disease preventionPublic HealthInfectious DiseasesCOVID-19 (Coronavirus)

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            Jessica Borelli

            Associate Professor of Psychological Science

              Jessie Borelli's research focuses on the links between close relationships and mental health

              AttachmentParentingDevelopmentalMental HealthHealthClinicalParent-Child Relationships

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              Dr. Daniela Bota

              Associate Dean of Clinical Research and Associate Professor of Neurology

                Dr. Daniela A. Bota is a UCI Health neuro-oncologist who specializes in the treatment of primary and metastatic brain tumors.

                Clinical TrialsNeuro-OncologyBrain CancerNeurologyBrain Tumors

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                Jack Brouwer

                Professor: Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, Civil & Environmental Engineering; Director: National Fuel Cell Research Center, Advanced Power and Energy Program

                  Jack Brouwer's research focuses on high-temperature electrochemical dynamics and integrated renewable energy systems.

                  High-Temperature Electrochemical DynamicsRenewable HydrogenRenewable Power DynamicsIntegrated Renewable Power SystemsHybrid Power and Energy Storage Systems

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                  Michael J. Buchmeier

                  Professor of Medicine-Infectious Diseases

                    Michael Buchmeier studies the pathogenesis and control of emerging viral infections, especially coronavirus, for more than 30 years.

                    Viral PathogenesisCoronavirusesVirusesArenavirusesBiology of RNA Viruses

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                    James Bullock

                    Dean, School of Physical Sciences, Professor Physical Sciences, Physics & Astronomy

                      James Bullock studies how galaxies and their constituent dark matter halos have formed and evolved over billions of years of cosmic time.

                      Dark MatterStar FormationAstronomyGalaxy DynamicsPhysics