Profile picture for Amy Adler, M.F.A.

Amy Adler, M.F.A.

Professor and Department Chair

The UC San Diego Department of Visual Arts chair, Amy Adler's artistic practice focuses on painting, film and photography.

Visual Arts EducationPaintingPhotographyVisual Arts

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Luis Alvarez, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Department of History

Institute of Arts and Humanities director, Luis Alvarez focuses on race, ethnicity and Latinx and African-American social movements.

Humanities in Higher EducationOral HistoriesPopular CultureChicano/Chicana StudiesRace RelationsAfrican American CommunitySocial MovementsHumanities

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On Amir, Ph.D.

Professor of Marketing

On Amir's research focuses on using psychological and economic principles to identify successful strategies in different market settings.

Business AnalyticsJudgment and Decision MakingMarketing StrategyConsumer BehaviorBehavioral Economics

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Eli Berman, Ph.D.

Professor of Economics

Eli Berman is known for applying rational choice analysis to the behavior of radical religious groups.

Applied EconometricsLabor Demand and Technological ChangeEconomics of Religion and DemographyDevelopment and ConflictLabor EconomicsRefugees and SecurityTerrorism and Insurgency

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Ethan Bier, Ph.D.


Ethan Bier's research uses fruit flies and other animals to better understand human diseases.

Protein BiosynthesisDevelopmental PatterningCellular BiosciencesActive GeneticsHuman Disease Mechanisms

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Lera Boroditsky, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Cognitive Science

Lera Boroditsky's research focuses on the relationships between mind, world and language.

Linguistic RelativityCognitive PsychologyLinguisticsLanguage and CognitionCultural & Linguistic Diversity

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Jennifer Burney

Associate Professor of Environmental Science

Jennifer Burney's research focuses on simultaneously achieving global food security and mitigating climate change.

Climate Impacts on AgricultureScienceEnergy PovertyGlobal Food SecurityShort-Lived Climate PollutantsEnvironmental Impacts of Food Production and Consumption