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Puspa Adhikari, Ph.D.

Expert in marine and environmental chemistry

    Puspa Adhikari uses the ocean floor and water column to investigate the impact of Florida's red tide, organic pollutants and nutrients.

    Gulf of MexicoPolycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs)NutrientsOrganic PollutantsMarine and Environmental ChemistryAnalytical ChemistryPetroleum Geochemistry and Oil FingerprintingRadiochemistrySediment BiogeochemistryRed TideDeep Water Horizon Oil SpillMicroplastics

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    Ashraf Badir, Ph.D., P.E.

    Expert in concrete and steel structures

      Ashraf Badir's research focuses on structural engineering as well as engineering education.

      Engineering EducationStructural AnalysisSteel StructuresConcrete StructuresBridgesDesign of Structures

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      Peter J. Bergerson, Ph.D.

      Expert in national and Florida politics and public policy

        Peter Bergerson focuses on U.S. campaigns and elections, the presidency and congress.

        U.S. CensusFlorida PoliticsFlorida ElectionsFlorida's role in national electionsU.S. PoliticsLegislationVoting Rights PolicyVotingPresidencyPoliticsWater PolicyVoting BehaviorVoting RightsVoting behaviors of U.S. Senators

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        Derek Buzasi, Ph.D.

        Expert in astrophysics, spaceflight and optics

          Derek Buzasi's research involves almost anything to do with stars or the sun.

          StarsAsteroseismologyNonlinear DynamicsSatellites and SpaceflightExoplanetsAstrophysicsStellar AstronomyOpticsSpace

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          Victor V. Claar, Ph.D.

          Expert in economics and ethics

            Victor Claar is a serious economist who thinks about the individual human beings behind market transactions.

            Financial LiteracyTariffsFree EnterpriseBusiness CyclesInflationEconomyEconomicsEconomics and EthicsFairtrade CoffeeTrade PolicyMacroeconomicsEmploymentEconomic PolicyMinimum WageTrade Wars

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            Sulekha R. Coticone, Ph.D.

            Expert in forensic science and biochemistry

              Sulekha Coticone specializes in chemistry of seized drugs and DNA biochemistry from trace evidence.

              BiochemistrySeized DrugsDNA AnalysisForensic ScienceDNACrime Scene DNAChemical Education

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              Nora Egan Demers, Ph.D.

              Expert in health and pollution

                Nora Demers researches the effects of stressors on biological systems.

                Human HealthSustainabilityEffects of Stressors on Biological SystemsCommunity EngagementImmunologyEnvironmental PollutantsEndrocine DisruptorsHealth

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                James Douglass, Ph.D.

                Expert in coastal marine ecology

                  James Douglass studies the interactions among living organisms and the environment in coastal waters, including algae blooms.

                  ReefsAlgaeOystersWater PollutionMarine BiologySeagrassBiodiversityAquatic PlantsSeaweed

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                  Loureen Smart Downes, Ph.D.

                  Expert in healthy lifestyle behaviors

                    Loureen Downes researches physical activity, nutrition and chronic disease prevention.

                    Lifestyle MedicineNutritionDisease PreventionType 2 diabetes and diabetes self-management education

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                    Don Duke, Ph.D., P.E.

                    Expert in water resources and pollution control

                      Don Duke applies science and engineering analysis to policy and management decisions.

                      Municipal stormwater pollution reductionIndustrial stormwater pollution reductionFlood mitigation policyWater Resources PolicyWater quality assessmentMunicipal stormwater management