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Caroline Brennan

Emergency Communications Director, CRS Humanitarian Response Team

    Caroline travels to and/or works in areas facing natural or man-made emergencies

    Refugee AssistanceDisaster ReliefCash AssistanceEmergency ReliefEmergency RecoveryShelterEmergency AssistanceDisaster Recovery

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    Rick Jones

    Youth and Migration Advisor in Latin America and the Caribbean

      Rick Jones specializes in issues affecting Central American migration, including gang violence, poverty, and internal displacement

      Youth BuildHondouras Gang ViolencePoverty in Central AmericaGang Violence in The Northern TriangleCentral American MigrationThe Northern TrianglePush Factors of MigrationEl Salvador Gang ViolenceGuatemala Gang Violence

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      Bill O'Keefe

      Executive Vice President for Mission and Mobilization

        Based on Capitol Hill, Bill O’Keefe oversees CRS' efforts to impact U.S. foreign policy in ways that reduce poverty overseas.

        International RelationsHumanitarian Aid PolicyFood AidForeign PolicyForeign AidFood AssistanceDevelopment Assistance

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        Lori Pearson, MPP

        Senior Policy Advisor for Food Security and Climate Change

          Lori Pearson is a climate change expert and an advisor on agriculture and global hunger.

          Soil and WaterWatershed MangementNatural Resource ManagementClimate-Smart AgricultureClimate ChangeGlobal HungerWater-Smart AgricultureRegenerative AgricultureResilience

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          Shannon Senefeld, PhD

          Senior Vice President, Overseas Operations

            Shannon Senefeld is a global development expert. She ensures programs in health, agriculture, water and microfinance have maximum impact.

            EducationClinical PsychologyDeinstitutionalization of ChildrenEarly Childhood DevelopmentGlobal HealthGlobal DevelopmentHumanitarian AidChild and Family CareOrphans and Vulnerable ChildrenNutritionMicrofinance