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Robert Leonard

Director, Forensic Linguistics Program

    Robert Leonard is best known for his work in forensic linguistics, the application of linguistic theory to the analysis of language evidence

    1960s rock n rollLinguistics and Threat AssessmentLanguage and the LawForensic LinguisticsWoodstock music festival

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    Tomeka Robinson

    Associate Professor of Rhetoric

      Dr. Robinson directs Hofstra's award-winning forensics team and can discuss effective public debate and political rhetoric.

      RhetoricHealth CommunicationsArgumentation and DebateIntercultural CommunicationPublic Speaking & Debate

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      Mary Anne Trasciatti

      Associate Professor of Rhetoric

        Dr. Trasciatti studies public persuasion and protest, and its role in social advocacy and building community.

        PersuasionWomen's StudiesPublic Space and Public ExpressionTriangle Shirt Factory FirePublic ProtestPublic Memory/Commemoration

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        Paula M. Uruburu

        Professor of English

          Professor Uruburu researches the Gothic and the Grotesque, the Gilded Age, and film history (genre, auteur, adaptation).

          ZombiesEvelyn NesbitHorror filmsGender StudiesFilm HistoryPop CultureCelebrity CultureFilm Anniversaries