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Aleda Chen, Pharm.D., Ph.D.

Assistant Dean and Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice

    Specializing in Patient Behavior Change, Pharmacy Education, and Health Information

    Patient Behavior ChangePharmacy EducationPatient Ability to Understand Health Information

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    Marc Clauson, Ph.D.

    Professor of History and Law

      Specializes in Legal topics, Constitutional law cases, Policy issues (e. g., health care, environment, etc.), Political philosophy

      Legal TopicsConstitutional Law CasesPolicy IssuesPolitical PhilosophyEconomic PhilosophyPolitical and Economic IssuesIntegration of Christian Worldview and Politics

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      Dan DeWitt, Ph.D.

      Undergraduate Studies, Director, Center for Biblical Apologetics and Public Christianity, Associate Professor of Applied Theology and Apologetics

        Dr. DeWitt spends most of his research and writing time at the intersection of faith and secularism

        ApologeticsAtheismChristianity In The Public Square

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        Glen Duerr, Ph.D.

        Associate Professor of International Studies

          Dr. Deurr's research interests include nationalism and secession, comparative politics, and international relations theory

          International TerrorismDomestic TerrorismInternational RelationsBrexit

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          Seth Hamman, Ph.D.

          Assistant Professor of Computer Science

            Dr. Hamman is interested in helping to shape the young and growing discipline of cybersecurity education.

            Cybersecurity Issues and Stories

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