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Anthony G. Alessi, M.D.

Associate Clinical Professor, Neurology and Orthopaedics

    Focused on prevention, diagnosis and treatment of concussions in athletes from youth leagues to professional sports.

    Concussion DiagnosisSports InjuriesNeurologyOrthopaedicsAthletes

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    Mary Anne Amalaradjou, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor

      Mary Anne Amalaradjou is a microbiologist with laboratory work focused on food safety and gut health

      InflammationMicrobiome Gut HealthProbioticsFood Safety VirulenceDietPathogens

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      Thomas F. Babor, Ph.D.

      Professor of Community Medicine and Public Health

        Expertise includes research on public health policies related to alcohol, drug abuse and gambling

        Research EthicsAlcohol MarketingPublic HealthAlcohol PolicyDrug Control PolicyAddiction TreatmentAlcohol Screening

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        Michele Baggio, Ph.D.

        Assistant Professor

          Michele Baggio is an expert in environmental and resource economics, ecological economics, and health economics.

          Health EconomicsEcological EconomicsEnvironmental and Resource EconomicsApplied Microeconomics

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          Marcy Balunas, Ph.D.

          Assistant Professor of Medicinal Chemistry

            Associate Professor of Medicinal Chemistry focused on pharmaceutical advances and drug discovery from nature.

            Microbial CommunitiesSelective Anti-parasitic AgentsTargeted Anti-cancer AgentsDrug DiscoveryPsychrophilic Glacial and Periglacial BacteriaMarine BacteriaClimate Change

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            David Banach

            Associate Professor of Medicine Head of Infection Prevention Hospital Epidemiologist

              Dr. David Banach is an expert in the field of infectious diseases and epidemiology.

              CoronavirusMedicineHealth Care Associated InfectionsInfectious DiseasesInfections in Immunocompromised PatientsCOVID-19