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Steve Benton, Ph.D.

Senior Research Officer

    Steve leads a research team that designs and conducts reliability and validity studies for IDEA products.

    Educational PsychologyHigher EducationProduct TestingEducational ResearchCognitionAcademic WritingInstructional DesignUniversity Teaching

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    Chase Cookson, D.B.A.

    Campus and Faculty Development Specialist

      Chase Cookson has nine years of experience in higher education administration, teaching, and faculty development.

      Client EducationHigher EducationStaff DevelopmentLeadership DevelopmentAcademic AdministrationTeam BuildingCoachingEducational LeadershipInstructional DesignAcademic AdvisingFaculty DevelopmentHigher Education AdministrationAdult EducationWork - Life Balance

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      Jake Glover, Ph.D.

      Senior Education Officer and Director of Client Resources

        Jake was drawn to IDEA because its mission is very much his life focus— to help improve teaching and learning in the broadest scope.

        Higher Education AdministrationFaculty DevelopmentInstructional DesignStudent AffairsCurriculum DevelopmentPublic SpeakingEducational TechnologyInstructional TechnologyStudent Engagement

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        Dan Li, Ph.D.

        Research Associate

          Dan Li wrote her dissertation on parental mediation of children’s television viewing.

          Higher EducationProgram DevelopmentDistance LearningAdult EducationSurvey DesignCommunicationsSurvey ResearchStatistical AnalysisOutcomes Assessment

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          Ken Ryalls


            Ken Ryalls is dedicated to the improvement of learning in higher education through research, assessment, and professional development

            Higher EducationAdult EducationPublic SpeakingDistance LearningProgram Development

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