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Swati Agrawal

Assistant Professor

    Dr. Agrawal's research focuses on protozoan pathogens that cause serious diseases like African sleeping sickness and Toxoplasmosis.

    Molecular Biology (CRISPR-cas9 gene editing)Microscopy (Fluorescence, Scanning and Transmission Electron Microscopy)BiochemistryBioinformaticsBiomolecular Visualization (PyMOL, MolStar, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality)

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    Nabil Al-Tikriti

    Associate Professor of History & American Studies

      Dr. Al-Tikriti has firsthand experience with Middle Eastern affairs, as a researcher, humanitarian and election monitor.

      Forced Migration (Refugees, Internally Displaced Persons)GenocideHigher EducationHumanitarian AffairsHistory of the Ottoman EmpireModern TurkeyCultural PatrimonyConflict StudiesThe Modern Middle EastModern IraqIslamic History

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      Josephine Antwi

      Assistant Professor

        Dr. Antwi is an entomologist whose research focuses on the effects that sucking-piercing insect pests have on crops of economic importance.

        Plant-Insect-Microbes InteractionsEntomologyEcologyMolecular EcologyUrbanization on Insect Pollinators

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        Janet Asper

        Associate Professor

          Dr. Asper specializes in organic chemistry.

          Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (Nmr)Chemical EducationOrganic SynthesisOrganic MethodologyOrganic SpectroscopyZoologyOrganic ChemistryHistory of Chemistry

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          Antonio Barrenechea


            Antonio Barrenechea is a scholar and teacher of literature of the Americas and cinema.

            Comparative LiteratureCinema StudiesLiterature of the Americas

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            Mary Beth Mathews

            Professor of Religion

              Dr. Mathews is knowledgeable about American religious history, Protestant fundamentalism and evangelicalism.

              American Religious HistoryProtestant FundamentalismAfrican-American ReligionReligion and Politics of the U.S.

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              Eric Bonds

              Associate Professor of Sociology

                Dr. Bond is author of a book on social issues.

                Environmental SociologyHuman RightsPolitical EconomyWar and Violence

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                Dawn Bowen


                  Dr. Bowen's expertise centers on the regional geography of Eastern and Western North America, and Latin America.

                  Geography and DevelopmentHuman GeographyGeographyNorth American Geography

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                  John Broome

                  Associate Professor of Education

                    Dr. Broome’s research centers on social justice and civic education.

                    Classroom ManagementInstructional TechnologyCulturally Responsive TeachingService LearningExperiential EducationAction ResearchCivics EducationEducational ResearchSocial Studies MethodsCritical StudiesMontessori Education

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                    Wei Chen

                    Associate Professor, College of Business

                      Dr. Chen is an expert on international business and entrepreneurship.

                      Management HistoryInternational BusinessEntrepreneurship