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Brian Cutler, PhD

Media Psychology Program Director

    Social Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Application of Media and Technology in Criminal Investigations, Expert Psychological Testimony

    Social InfluenceFalse ConfessionEyewitness MemoryExpert Testimony

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    Pamela Rutledge, PhD

    Doctoral Faculty - Media Psychology

      Rutledge focuses on identifying human motivations, behavioral triggers & instinctive drives to inform messaging & data strategies

      Trust in InformationApplied NarrativePersuasive MessagingPositive Psychology Applied to MediaQualitative Research and AnalysisAudience EngagementMedia PsychologyBrand Storytelling and Brand MeaningPersona DevelopmentFear Behavior and Pandemics

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      Karen Shackleford, PhD

      Doctoral Faculty - Media Psychology

        Media violence; Fandom and the construction of meaning from media; Media, race and gender.

        Media PsychologyMedia EffectsSocial PsychologyGenderRaceSocial JusticeSocial Representations in MediaNarrativeMeaning MakingWellbeingMethodologyMeditationSocial Media

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        Patrick Sweeney

        Doctoral Faculty - Media Psychology

          Doctoral Faculty in Media Psychology

          Social JusticeQualitative MethodsCritical PsychologySocial PsychologyScience and technology studiesGender and Sexualitydigital methods

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          Regina Tuma, PhD

          Doctoral Faculty - Media Psychology

            Media psychology is the future of psychology—Without it, we would not be able to understand social media as constructed and lived realities.

            Psychology of Social MediaSocial Media ResearchPsychology of Big DataMind and TechnologyCritical Media PsychologySocial PsychologyHistory of PsychologyHistory of Media Psychology