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Debra Bendell Estroff, PhD

Doctoral Faculty - Clinical Psychology

    Developmental issues associated with aspects of anxiety and depression; chronic illness and emotional regulation.

    Developmental PsychologyChild Clinical PsychologyResearch DesignPsychopathologyPsychology Pain Management

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    (William) Jeff Bryson, PhD

    Adjunct Faculty - Clinical Psychology

      Sleep disorders, somatic symptom disorders, tic disorders; nightmares among patients with chronic pain; weight-related quality of life.

      Biological Bases of BehaviorExcoriation DisorderTrichotillomaniaTic DisordersSomatic Symptom DisordersSleep DisordersNeuropsychologyHealth PsychologyIntroduction to Clinical PsychologyPsychopathologySpecialized Applications of Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy

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      Joseph Bush, PhD

      Faculty Research Specialist - Clinical Psychology

        Pediatric Psychology; Child Pain; Parent-Child Interactions in Stressful Medical Situations; Psychological Effects of School Gardens

        Health PsychologyPediatric PsychologyStatisticsChild DevelopmentPain Assessment and ManagementResearch DesignTherapeutic HorticultureDevelopment of Coping Skills in ChildrenChildren's Health Care AttitudesParenting Children in Stressful Medical SituationsElectronic Media Applications in Pediatric Psychology

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        Allen Cornelius, PhD

        Faculty Research Specialist - Clinical Psychology

          Using humor to teach research and counseling skills

          Research MethodsStatisticsSport Psychology and Performance EnhancementYouth Development and Performance EnhancementYouth Development Through SportInterdisciplinarityHumor and PsychotherapyTeaching Statistics

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          Margaret A. Cramer, PhD, ABPP

          Doctoral Faculty - Clinical Psychology

            Psychodynamics; PTSD and substance abuse; Women, trauma and addiction.

            History and Systems of PsychologyTheories of PersonalityPsychopathologyHealth PsychologyPsychoanalytic and Neoanalytic Theory and PsychotherapyPersonality DisordersMood DisordersIntegration of Theory and TechniqueTransference / CountertransferenceClinical SupervisionConsultationPsychotherapy ProcessParallel Process and Systems TheoryPost-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)