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(William) Jeff Bryson, PhD

Associate Faculty - Clinical Psychology

    Sleep disorders, somatic symptom disorders, tic disorders; nightmares among patients with chronic pain; weight-related quality of life.

    Biological Bases of BehaviorExcoriation DisorderTrichotillomaniaTic DisordersSomatic Symptom DisordersSleep DisordersNeuropsychologyHealth PsychologyIntroduction to Clinical PsychologyPsychopathologySpecialized Applications of Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy

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    Joseph Bush, PhD

    Faculty Research Specialist - Clinical Psychology

      Pediatric Psychology; Child Pain; Parent-Child Interactions in Stressful Medical Situations; Psychological Effects of School Gardens

      Health PsychologyPediatric PsychologyStatisticsChild DevelopmentPain Assessment and ManagementResearch DesignTherapeutic HorticultureDevelopment of Coping Skills in ChildrenChildren's Health Care AttitudesParenting Children in Stressful Medical SituationsElectronic Media Applications in Pediatric Psychology

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      Jay Dill, PhD

      Associate Faculty - Psychology

        Social Psychologist and Consciousness Studies Researcher

        Research Methods and StatisticsNeural Substrates of Mental StatesConsciousness StudiesSocial PsychologyPhilosophical Topics such as Self and Free Will

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        Dara Goldyne, PhD

        Associate Faculty - Clinical Psychology

          Critical thinking; psychological assessment; parent-infant mental health; psychoeducational evaluation; child abuse prevention and treatment

          Critical ThinkingResearch MethodsPsychological AssessmentForensic PsychologyChild/Adolescent PsychopathologyParentingMindfulness in Psychotherapy

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          Kristine Jacquin, PhD

          Dean, School of Psychology + Doctoral Faculty, Psychology

            Psychology professor and licensed clinical psychologist with a consulting practice focused on forensic and neuropsychological evaluations

            Forensic PsychologyNeuropsychologySubstance Abuse in Interpersonal Violence VictimsUse and Abuse of Prescription PsychostimulantsIntellectual Disability in Capital CrimesJuror Perceptions of Sexually Violent OffensesPrediction and Prevention of Sexual OffendingClinical Psychology Preparatory CoursesBiological PsychologyPsychopharmacologyPsychopathologyAssessmentCognitive Behavioural TherapyPrediction and Prevention of StalkingPreventing and Treating Child Abuse

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            Kari Lannon, PhD

            Associate Faculty - Clinical Psychology

              Treatment of eating disorders; trauma including childhood sexual abuse; social and developmental bases of behavior

              PsychopathologyPlay TherapyHealth PsychologyPsychological AssessmentSocial and Emotional LearningTrauma Including Childhood Sexual AbuseEatings DisordersCognitive and Affective Bases of BehaviorSocial Bases of BehaviorDevelopmental Bases of BehaviorSpiritualityCognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy

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              Camilla R. Williams, PhD

              Associate Faculty and Coordinator of Clinical Admissions and Advising

                Associate faculty and licensed clinical psychologist with a therapy practice focused on LGBTQIAAP clients

                Training and SupervisionEducationCollege Student Mental HealthDeaf Cultureā€ŽLGBTQQIAP PopulationsFirst Generation College Students