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Allison Alford

Clinical Assistant Professor of Business Communication

    Interpersonal and business communications expert and author who studies the roles of daughters and mothers in the family structure

    Problem-SolvingConflict ResolutionInterpersonal CommunicationRoles of DaughtersDaughteringMother-Daughter RelationshipsRoles of MothersBusiness CommunicationGoal-Setting

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    Matt Andersson, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor of Sociology

      Expert on health inequality, focusing on educational and socioeconomic inequalities in mental and physical well-being

      Parent-child BondingComparative parenthoodHealth BehaviorsHealth inequalityParent-child BondingMental Health and SESCaregiving for ElderlyWell-BeingPersonal social networksParent-Child Emotional Bonds

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      Lori Baker, Ph.D.

      Professor of Anthropology

        Anthropologist and forensic scientist specializing in skeletal and DNA analyses

        Anthropology Indentification of RemainsForensic Analysis of Skeletal RemainsReuniting Families ProjectRemains Found Along Mexican BorderMissing Persons Identification

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        Francis Beckwith, Ph.D.

        Professor of Philosophy and Church-State Studies, Associate Director of Graduate Studies

          Dr. Beckwith is a nationally recognized author and speaker in the areas of philosophy, ethics & church-state issues

          FaithLawChurch and State IssuesPhilosophical and Theological EthicsEthics & ValuesPoliticsReligion Politics & CultureReligionPhilosophical EthicsPolitical EthicsChurchReligious Ethics

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          Enrique (Erik) Blair, Ph.D.

          Assistant Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering

            An expert in low-power computing, molecular computing, and quantum-dot cellular automata.

            EntropyPower dissipationLow-power computingMolecular ComputingFinite-dimensional quantumQuantum decoherence

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            Brooke Blevins, Ph.D.

            Associate Professor, School of Education Faculty

              Social studies education expert, focusing on civics education and pedagogy

              Multicultural Issues in Education Teacher EducationCivics Education and CitizenshipSocial Studies EducationAction Civics Pedagogy

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              Bryan W. Brooks, Ph.D.

              Distinguished Professor, Environmental Science and Biomedical Studies; Director of Environmental Health Science

                Dr. Brooks examines water quality, environmental health & contaminants, and sustainability issues, particularly in rapidly urbanizing areas.

                Fisheries and AquacultureFreshwater SciencesEnvironmental ScienceBiomedical ScienceEnvironmental HealthEnvironmental Risk AssessmentWater Resources ResearchWater Quality and Water ReuseComparative Toxicology and PharmacologyEnvironmental ContaminantsSustainability IssuesUrbanizationHarmful Algal BloomsContaminants of Emerging Concern

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                William B. (Trey) Cade III, Ph. D.

                Director, Baylor Institute for Air Science

                  William B. (Trey) Cade III, Ph.D., is the director of the Baylor Institute for Air Science.

                  Space PhysicsWeather ForecastingSpace Weather ForecastingSpace Weather ScienceSpace Weather ImpactsSpace WeatherSpace Weather History

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                  Peter Campbell, Ph.D.

                  Assistant Professor

                    Professor Campbell studies international security, civil-military relations, international relations and policy relevance

                    Just War TheoryInternational RelationsInternational SecurityCounterinsurgency

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                    Candi Cann, Ph.D.

                    Associate Professor, Baylor Interdiscipinary Core and Religion

                      Dr. Cann teaches World Cultures, Social World, World Religions, and Buddhism.

                      World ReligionsBuddhismDeath and DyingDigital AfterlifeModern Mourning PracticesWorld CulturesHispanic Bereavement Customs

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                      Robert Darden, M.A.

                      Professor, Journalism, Public Relations and New Media

                        Darden is a professor in the department of journalism, PR & new media. He directs Baylor's Black Gospel Music Restoration Project.

                        JournalismMusicPublic RelationsNew MediaAfrican-American Gospel MusicCivil Rights Movement Music on B Sides of Gospel RecordingsAfrican American Museum in D.C.Black Gospel Music Restoration Project

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                        Meredith David, Ph.D.

                        Assistant Professor, Marketing

                          Dr. David focuses on marketing strategies with an exploration of new technologies.

                          Strategic PlanningMarketingMarketing and CommunicationsConsumer PreferencesWell-BeingSmartphone UseMarketing and AdvertisingConsumer BehaviorCustomized PricingInterpersonal Attachment StyleStrategic Management