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Rob Adams

Senior Lecturer, Department of Management

    Entrepreneurship, venture capital, product strategy, and early stage management

    EntrepreneurshipPublic OfferingsMergers & AcquisitionsEarly Stage ManagementBusiness InnovationStartup Fundraising and GrowthNew Venture CompetitionStudent EntrepreneurshipVenture CapitalSales and Marketing

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    John Allison

    Professor, Department of Business, Government and Society

      A leading researcher of patents, patent systems, and patent litigation

      Intellectual Property RightsPatent LawPatent SystemsPatent LitigationTrade SecretsCopyright LawTrademark LawInternet Regulation

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      Andres Almazan

      Professor, Department of Finance

        An expert in corporate finance

        Capital MarketsAgency TheoryCapital StructureCorporate GovernanceMergers and AcquisitionsBanking

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        Edward Anderson

        Professor, Department of Information, Risk, and Operations Management

          Operations management and system dynamics in the automotive, videogame, and healthcare industries

          System DynamicsNew Product DevelopmentHealthcare ManagementSupply Chain ManagementOperations ManagementVideo Game IndustryKnowledge ManagementInnovation ManagementDynamic ProgrammingAutomobile IndustryElectronic Business (Ebusiness)Project ManagemenmtComputer Simulations

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          Caroline Bartel

          Associate Professor, Department of Management

            Understanding how to keep employees engaged in the workplace, especially during organizational change

            CollaborationManagerial, Group and Organizational Decision MakingOrganizational Identification ProcessesOrganizational Behavior