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Michelle Andrews

Assistant Professor of Marketing

    Field experimentsSocial interactionMarketing StrategyDigital Marketing

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    Emily Bianchi

    Associate Professor of Organization & Management

      Economic Conditions and Early AdulthoodJob AttitudesMoral BehaviorEconomic Conditions and PsychologyOrganizational BehaviorSocial Psychology

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      Jesse Bockstedt

      Goizueta Foundation Term Professor of Information Systems & Operations Management

        Behavioral EconomicsOnline Consumer BehaviorElectronic CommerceCrowdsourcingCybersecurityIT EvolutionMicroeconomicsOnline PrivacyPersonalization SystemsSocial Engineering

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        Cassandra Estep

        Assistant Professor of Accounting

          Behavioral Decision MakingAuditingSocial Cognition of Professionals

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          Erika V. Hall

          Assistant Professor of Organization & Management

            Race Gender and Class in the WorkplaceMinorities in OrganizationsOrganization and ManagementSocial Psychology

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            Ryan Hamilton

            Associate Professor of Marketing

              Customer PsychologyCustomer Decision MakingBrandingPrice and Price Image

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              Kathryn Kadous

              Schaefer Chaired Professor of Accounting and Director and Associate Dean of Ph.D. Program

                AuditingFinancial ReportingBehavioral Decision MakingSocial Cognition of Professionals

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                Jill Perry-Smith

                Goizueta Foundation Term Professor of Organization & Management

                  CreativityInformal Social NetworksWork-Life Initiatives

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                  Karl Schuhmacher

                  Assistant Professor of Accounting

                    Management AccountingCost AccountingInformation AggregationBudgeting and Planning

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                    Karen Sedatole

                    Goizueta Advisory Board Term Professor of Accounting

                      Executive CompensationPerformance EvaluationReward SystemsPerformance MeasuresInterorganizational CollaborationForecastingCompensation and RewardsCalibration Committees

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                      Kristy Towry

                      Vice Dean for Faculty and Research; John and Lucy Cook Professorship; Professor of Accounting

                        Managerial AccountingInternal AuditBehavioral Economics

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                        Morgan Ward

                        Assistant Professor of Marketing


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                          Greg Waymire

                          Asa Griggs Candler Chair and Professor in Accounting

                            The spontaneous emergence of accounting standards through knowledge sharingAccountability and language as mechanisms to produce trust in economic exchangeUnderpinnings of the FASB's conceptual frameworkThe role of accounting in periods of economic crisisThe emergence of U.S. information intermediaries in the pre-SEC Era

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                            Melissa Williams

                            Goizueta Foundation Term Associate Professor of Organization & Management

                              Gender in the WorkplaceDiversity in OrganizationsCultureSocial PsychologyLeadership Power and Dominance