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Luigi Vanfretti

Associate Professor, Electrical, Computer, and Systems Engineering

    Electrical EngineeringSystem IdentificationSynchophasorsStability and ControlCyber-Physical Systems Modeling and SimulationPower SystemsSmart GridReal-Time Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation

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    Joe H. Chow

    Institute Professor, Electrical, Computer, and Systems Engineering & Campus Director, Center for Ultra-Wide-Area Resilient Electric Energy Transmission Networks (CURENT)

      Power system stability analysisRenewable ResourcesSynchrophasorsControl equipment performanceFACTSVoltage Stability Analysis

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      James Hendler

      Director, Institute for Data Exploration and Applications

        CybersecurityArtificial IntelligenceMachine LearningSemantic WebComputer ScienceBig DataTechnology Policy