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Joseph A. Betz, Architect

Professor, Architecture and Construction Management

    Architectural Theory and DesignPlanning Board decisions and analysisArchitectural History, Historic Styles and Aesthetics

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    Michael Canders

    Aviation Center Director, Associate Professor

      Dr. Canders is an airline transport pilot, commercial helicopter pilot, and drone pilot with more than 4,000 flying hours experience.

      manned and unmanned aircraft pilotavionics design and manufacturingAirlines/aviation businesstop-level organizational leadershipdomestic and overseas military service

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      Mary P. Caulfield

      Assistant Professor of English/Humanities

        Dr. Caulfield teaches English and Humanities, and has appeared on stage in New York, London and Dublin.

        Irish TheatreShakespeare in PerformanceTheatre HistoryWomen in Theatre

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        Robert Coleman

        Assistant Professor, Department of Biology

          Dr. Coleman is both a research scientist and an entrepreneur. He is a founding member of Codagenix, a biotech start-up company.

          BiotechnologyStart Up CompaniesInfectious DiseasesVaccinesBiologySmall BusinessMicrobiologyMolecular BiologyGrant Funding BiofuelVaccine DevelopmentSynthetic Biology

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          LaNina Cooke

          Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice

            Dr. Cooke in interim president of the Protect New York think tank.

            Juvenile DelinquencyPublic PolicyCorrections ReentryCommunity PolicingProgram EvaluationSystem Behavior