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Jennifer Abbass Dick, PhD

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences

    Establishing evidence-informed resources and frameworks to help families transition and thrive as co-parents


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    Hamid Akbari, PhD

    Assistant Professor, Faculty of Business and Information Technology

      Entrepreneurial trailblazer brings proven track-record of successful business and technology based start-ups

      Commercialization of InnovationInnovation and Knowledge FlowsInternational Mergers and AcquisitionsStrategic AlliancesInternational Strategy

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      Shahid Alvi, PhD

      Professor, Faculty of Social Science and Humanities

        Moving the metre on hard-hitting social justice and equality issues affecting vulnerable populations

        Immigrant WomenPoverty and CrimeViolence Against WomenYouth CrimeInner City CrimeFamily and Public PolicyCrime and Social ExclusionCyberbullying

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        Akramul Azim, PhD

        Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical, Computer, and Software Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science

          Critical demand for safer and more secure devices across many industries drives software expert’s research

          Real-Time Systems Scheduling and NetworkingOperating SystemsSafety Critical SystemsSensor NetworksEmbedded SoftwareComputer-Aided VerificationVerification and ValidationCyber-Physical Systems Multi-Mode SystemsSafety-Critical Software

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          Caroline Barakat-Haddad, PhD

          Assistant Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences

            International environmental health expert leads research to improve health outcomes among adolescents and children

            Environmental HealthOccupational HealthChild HealthAdolescent HealthAir Pollution and HealthHealth GeographyHealth Inequities

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            Emma Bartfay, PhD

            Associate Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences

              Award-winning researcher advancing dementia diagnosis and treatment options, and reducing caregiver burden

              Dementia CareGerontologyAgingEpidemiologyGlobal HealthPopulation HealthHealth Services UtilizationCaregiver BurdenCancer Care

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              Wally Bartfay, PhD

              Associate Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences

                Leading public health expert develops interventions to deal with the downside of mobile devices on human health

                CoronavirusMen in NursingMobile Technologies in HealthNon-Communicable Chronic DiseasesPublic and Population HealthCOVID-19

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                Sean Bohun, PhD

                Associate Professor, Mathematics, Faculty of Science

                  Prominent mathematics expert dedicates career to solving highly complex problems, enabling industry innovation

                  Industrial MathematicsMathematical ModellingMathematical PhysicsSobolev SpacesSemigroup TheoryNeural NetworksHigh-Speed Digital Communications

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                  Jeremy Bradbury, PhD

                  Associate Professor and Graduate Program Director, Computer Science, Faculty of Science

                    Computer science expert develops Canada’s first automatic bug repair for software programs

                    Concurrent/Multi-Core SoftwareSoftware EngineeringSoftware Quality AssuranceSoftware TestingStatic AnalysisSoftware Model CheckingBug DetectionSoftware MetricsEmpirical Software EngineeringArtifical IntelligenceGeneric AlgorithmsHeterogeneous Computing

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                    Andrea Braithwaite, PhD

                    Senior Lecturer, Communication and Digital Media Studies, Faculty of Social Science and Humanities

                      Cultivating awareness of the role of pop culture representations in gender and sexual inequality

                      Feminist Media StudiesGame StudiesGender StudiesPopular Culture StudiesTelevision StudiesFeminist Production and Backlash Discourses Gender and Sociability in Gaming Communities Representations of Sexualized Violence Cultural Studies and Television Studies Virtual Public Spheres Digital Media and Feminist Activism