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Tyler Harlan

Assistant Professor of Urban and Environmental Studies | Urban and Environmental Studies

Los Angeles, CA, UNITED STATES, University Hall

Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts


I research the political economy and uneven socio-environmental impacts of China's green development transformation, and the implications of this transformation for other industrializing countries. I am currently working on two projects: one on renewable energy and rural development in China, and another on China’s “green” Belt and Road Initiative in Southeast Asia. A third project, on the nexus of high- and low-carbon frontiers in the U.S. and Australia, is under development for a planned early 2023 launch.

For more information, please visit www.tylerharlan.com.


University of California, Los Angeles

PhD, Geography


The University of Melbourne

MPhil, Resource Management and Geography


Vanderbilt University

BA, Anthropology and East Asian Studies