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Tony Pellegrini

Department Chair of Teacher Education/Professor of Education


Specializing in online learning strategies in higher education, asynchronous learning, and web-based instructional tools


Dr. Tony Pellegrini is a professor of education at Southern Utah University. He teaches and presents, regionally and internationally, on topics involving 21st-century learning and learners, web-based learning tools and approaches, and methods and approaches for crafting graduate research initiatives.

Dr. Pellegrini came to Southern Utah University after a twelve-year career as a principal, including time spent at Blanding Elementary School and Three Falls Elementary school in southern Utah. During this time, he served as the President of the Utah Association of Elementary School Principals and as the state representative for Utah for the National Association of Elementary School Principals.

Dr. Pellegrini earned a bachelor of arts in theatre education from Brigham Young University, a master of education in secondary education and educational administration from Utah State University and a doctorate of education in educational leadership and higher education from the University of Nevada.









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Industry Expertise

  • Program Development
  • Corporate Training
  • Education/Learning
  • Internet

Areas of Expertise

Information and Technology in EducationFamily and Parent Involvement in EducationHigher Education LeadershipOnline Learning Strategies in Higher EducationHigher EducationAsynchronous Learning21st Century LearningOnline LearningWeb-based Instructional ToolsCurriculum DesignEducation and Educational LeadershipHigher Education AdministrationPublic School Funding and Resources


University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Ed.D., Educational Leadership and Higher Education

Utah State University

M.Ed., Secondary Education and Educational Administration

Brigham Young University

B.A., Theatre Education


Technology Innovator of the Year

Utah State System of Higher Education, 2005

Exemplar of Technology Delivered Instruction

Utah System of Higher Education, 2005


  • National Association of Elementary School Principals
  • Utah Rural Schools Conference


  • Italian


Engaging Graduate Learners Through High Impact Practices in Online Learning | IAFOR


This presentation will outline and describe the how efforts that the Graduate Studies in Education program at Southern Utah University, engages in and incorporates these high-impact practices. We are encouraged that educational research suggests that these practices increase rates of student retention and student engagement. The rest of this presentation will explore in more detail why these types of practices are effective, which students have access to them, and, finally, what effect they might have on different cohorts of students. Focus and attention will be paid to demonstrate the alignment of these practices across graduate and undergraduate programs. Comparisons and experiences will be addressed as well regarding how these practices are addressed in both face-to-face and online learning environments.

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“This Is Not Teaching”: The Effects Of COVID-19 On Teachers | Social Publishers Foundation

Joel Judd, Betty Ann Rember, Tony Pellegrini, Brian Ludlow, John Meisner

This Project was initiated to shed light on teachers’ experiences as a result of this Spring’s school closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020. Its primary goal was to understand teachers’ experiences with mandated online schooling.

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EDUC 6020 Information & Technology in Education

Introduction to information technology for teachers, administrators, and media specialists. Examines the role of technology in curriculum and instruction.

EDUC 6030 21st Century Research & Data

This course provides 21st Century teachers with the knowledge and skill to read, understand, implement, and conduct research in their classrooms.

EDUC 6036 Leadership with Technology

Students that complete this course will effectively lead and oversee a technology integration team at the school level. Upon completion the student will demonstrate knowledge of process management functions, resource management functions in the classroom, and define and set appropriate goals for technology-mediated instructional project.

EDUC 6500 School Finance

Offers an exploration of resources used in public school funding. Students learn the basic functions of school finance such as accounting; purchasing; bonding; budgeting and ethical practice.

EDUC 6650 MEd Thesis Proposal Writing

This course sets criteria, strategies, and techniques for writing the MEd Thesis Proposal utilizing APA guidelines.

EDUC 6652 MEd Portfolio Writing

This course sets the criteria, strategies, & techniques for writing the M. Ed. Portfolio based on NBPTS standards and utilizing APA guidelines.

EDUC 6898 Supervisory Capstone - Elementary

The course will consist of earning internship hours in the elementary school setting. Under the supervision of the public school principal and university supervisor the student will perform a wide range of duties normally performed by the public school administrator in the elementary school setting.

EDUC 6899 Supervisory Capstone - Secondary

The course will consist of earning internship hours in the secondary school setting. Under the supervision of the public school principal and university supervisor the student will perform a wide range of duties normally performed by the public school administrator in the secondary school setting.

EESL 6310 Theories for the Acquisition of a Second Language

Study and apply theories of first and second language acquisition and cognition to support English language proficiency, literacy, cognitive development, and academic success of ESL learners.

EESL 6340 Integrating Language Acquisiton and Content Instruction

Study and apply sheltered instruction models to integrate language acquisition and content instruction in the core curriculum for ESL learners.

EESL 6350 Family/Parent Involvement in Education.

Study and apply models and best practices to involve parents, family, and the community as resources to help create positive learning environments for ESL education.