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Ric Fordham

Professor of Public Health Economics


His main expertise is in capturing and assessing data on the economics of health care.



Ric Fordham is Professor of Public Health Economics in the Norwich Medical School at UEA. He also leads the Health Economics Consulting team at UEA which undertakes applied consulting for healthcare sector clients. His main expertise is in capturing and assessing data on the economics of health care – such as the cost effectiveness of introducing new drugs or types of treatment in the NHS. He also examines the economics of public health and the efficiencies and effectiveness associated with tackling different diseases. Most recently he has been working with health planners in Norfolk on the local resources required to treat patients with the COVID-19 virus.

Ric is an Honorary Consultant with Public Health England. His early career research looked at the recovery of patients with hip fractures – and the economics of rehabilitation methods. He continues to explore the economics of innovations in orthopedics as part of his current consulting portfolio. Ric is also interested in the links between climate change and public health – and he has been working with a scientific centre focusing on changes in sea fishing.

Areas of Expertise

Resource EconomicsCOVID-19 (Coronavirus)Health EconomicsEconomics of Health CareHealth Services Research


University of Western Australia

Ph.D., Medicine


University of Leeds

M.A., Health Planning & Demography


University of York

B.A., Economics & Economic History


Media Appearances

Is austerity reducing life expectancy?

Channel 4 News  


Dr Richard Fordham, senior lecturer in health economics at the University of East Anglia called the paper’s suggestion that extra deaths were linked to falling nurse numbers “a plausible hypothesis”, but pointed out that “other explanations are available”.

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Phil Taylor: In its bid for bleakness, Labour’s broadcast is both glib and deceptive



At the time this was published in November 2017 academics were pretty scathing. For instance, Dr Richard Fordham, Senior Lecturer in Health Economics at the University of East Anglia, said: “…longitudinal studies are fraught with difficulties in proving causality and despite the best statistical efforts of the authors, one should treat their conclusions with some caution.”

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Independent commission established to demonstrate benefits of swimming

World Leisure Jobs & News  


The group – which also includes Dr Justin Varney of Public Health England (PHE) and Ric Fordham from the University of East Anglia – will explore the current research around health and swimming, and provide evidence of positive swimming impacts on people’s wellbeing.

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