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Nikolaos Korfiatis

Associate Professor in Business Analytics


His expertise is in data and the use of data in driving greater business efficiency.



Dr Nikolaos Korfiatis is Associate Professor in Business Analytics at Norwich Business School, UEA. His expertise is in data and the use of data in driving greater business efficiency – and this has been applied to many industries such as automotive, retail, insurance and financial technology. The applications of his work are in better marketing, customer service, financial performance and product development. His interests include artificial intelligence and machine learning when it comes to business decisions and the analysing of customer behaviour. He is also interested in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) – the use of intelligent tools for automation in businesses – and PCR-related technology (used in gene diagnostics, genetic profiling and medical testing).

Nikolaos has worked closely with a German subsidiary of the Adastra Group (Canada) on developing practical use cases for analytics and big data and have acted as a consultant senior data scientist in providing training to an aspiring team of young data scientists engaged in various projects. Earlier in his career, Nikolaos worked as Senior Researcher at the Department of Informatics of the Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany. He co-founded the Big Data Laboratory of the University and was its Director for Analytics and Data Science. He has worked in Greece, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and the UK.

Areas of Expertise

Digital Regulationprescriptive analyticsInsurance and Financial TechnologyInsuretechData-Driven Marketing


Copenhagen Business School

Ph.D., Information Systems


KTH Royal Institute of Technology

M.Sc., Engineering of Interactive Systems


Athens University of Economics and Business

B.Sc., Management of Information Systems


Media Appearances

Good Leadership And Values Key To Staff Satisfaction, Study Finds

Hospitality Net  online


Co-author Dr Nikolaos Korfiatis, of UEA's Norwich Business School, said: "Skill shortages and high employee turnover are key challenges in the tourism and hospitality sector, and the problem is of high economic significance for firms due to the costs associated with severance, training and replacement. Job satisfaction is a critical factor in attracting and retaining a skilled workforce, but also plays a vital role in the customer experience.

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Study: Take Online Reviews With A ‘Pinch of Salt’

PsychCentral  online


However, in the case of cultural distance, the relationship is the reverse. “Distance does not always lend enchantment to the view. People like the idea of visiting different cultures but do not always tolerate surprises,” said co-author Dr. Nikolaos Korfiatis.

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Five out of five? Study reveals psychological influences in online reviews

EurekAlert  online


However, in the case of cultural distance, the relationship is the reverse, explained co-author Dr Nikolaos Korfiatis: "Distance does not always lend enchantment to the view. People like the idea of visiting different cultures but do not always tolerate surprises.

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How steep are the barriers to smartphone checkout?

RetailWire  online


“Our study results revealed a paradox,” said Dr. Nikolaos Korfiatis, of Norwich Business School at UEA. “Mobile shopping is supposed to make the process easier, and yet concerns about making the right choice, or about whether the site is secure enough leads to an ’emotional ambivalence’ about the transaction — and that mean customers are much more likely to simply abandon their shopping carts without completing a purchase.”

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The informational value of employee online reviews | European Journal of Operational Research


This paper investigates the informational value of online reviews posted by employees for their employer, a rather untapped source of online information from employees, using a sample of 349,550 reviews from 40,915 UK firms.

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Evaluating Domestic Bias on Airline Passengers’ Online Reviews: The Moderating Effect of Cultural Value Orientation | International Journal of Hospitality Management


We explore differences in airline passengers’ online ratings toward domestic and foreign carriers. Using a dataset of more than 380,000 airline passenger reviews obtained from TripAdvisor, we show that on average passengers express higher satisfaction (as proxied by their overall rating) for airline service encounters with domestic carriers, exhibiting a form of domestic bias.

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The Joint Effect of Consumer and Service Providers’ Culture on Online Service Evaluations: A Response Surface Analysis | Tourism Management


National culture exerts substantial influence on consumers' expectations, satisfaction, and evaluations. Despite that, within a service-based context, two cultures are met, that of the customer and that of the service provider, the existing literature systematically explores the effect of customer culture in isolation neglecting the impact of the provider's culture or their joint effect.

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Assessing Stationarity in Web Analytics: A study of Bounce Rates | Expert Systems


Evidence‐based methods for evaluating marketing interventions such as A/B testing have become standard practice. However, the pitfalls associated with the misuse of this decision‐making instrument are not well understood by managers and analytics professionals.

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Artificial Intelligence asisted detection of Diabetic Retinopathy on Digital Fundus Images: Concepts and Applications in the NHS | Elsevier


Diabetic retinopathy (DR), one of the most devastating manifestations of diabetes, is a leading cause of blindness among working-age adults. World Health Organization predicts the prevalence of diabetes to increase substantially in the future, leading to an increasing pressure on public health services.

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