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Jeffrey L. Wilson

Associate Professor of Philosophy | Philosophy

Los Angeles, CA, UNITED STATES, University Hall STE 3600, 3633

Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts


Phone: 310.338.1856; Email:; Office: University Hall 3633.

A native of Louisville, Kentucky, Jeffrey L. Wilson has taught philosophy at LMU since 1995. He has also taught courses at the Friedrich-Wilhelm-von-Goethe University of Frankfurt am Main (Germany), Emory University and Georgia State University as well as in LMU's Study Abroad program in Bonn, Germany. In addition to his published articles and reviews, he has made presentations in Canada, Austria, Brazil, Switzerland, and Germany. He has served as Associate Dean in both the College of Communication and Fine Arts and the Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts. He lives with his husband in Inglewood, California.


Emory University

Ph.D., Philosophy


Emory University

M.A., Philosophy


St. John's College, Annapolis

B.A., Liberal Arts


Areas of Expertise

KantEthics and Aesthetics


German Academic Exchange (DAAD) Dissertation Year Fellowship | professional

Cologne, Germany, 1992-1993.


  • North American Kant Society
  • American Philosophical Association


  • German




Modern Philosophy II

Modern Philosophy II

Philosophy and the Arts

Philosophy and the Arts

Kant's Philosophy of Religion

Kant's Philosophy of Religion

Kant's Critique of Pure Reason

MA Program

Kant's Ethics and Aesthetics

MA Program


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Autobiography as Critique in Thoreau’s Walden | Journal of Philosophical Research

“Autobiography as Critique in Thoreau’s Walden,” Journal of Philosophical Research 29 (2004): 29-46.

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“Incommensurable, Supersensible, Sublime.” American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly 75 (2001): pp. 221-241. Reprinted in German Idealism: Critical Concepts in Philosophy, ed. by Klaus Brinkmann, London: Routledge, 2007.

Metaphysical Questions in Sartre’s Phenomenological Ontology | Sartre Studies International

“Metaphysical Questions in Sartre’s Phenomenological Ontology.” Sartre Studies International 6 (2000): pp. 46-61.

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