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Profile picture for Douglas Nelson

Douglas Nelson

Professor of Economics

    Douglas Nelson's current research interests are focused on the political economy of trade policy

    TradeEconomic PolicyPolitical Economy of TradeGlobalisationTrade Policy

    Profile picture for Red Tremmel

    Red Tremmel


      In 2012, Tremmel founded the Office for Gender and Sexual Diversity at Tulane University

      Profile picture for Charles Figley

      Charles Figley

      Dr. Paul Henry Kurzweg Distinguished Chair and Professor of Disaster Mental Health and Professor of Social Work

        Charles Figley is an internationally-known trauma expert, social work professor and head of the Tulane Trauma Institute.

        Crisis CounselingCompassion fatigueDisasters and Mental HealthTraumaDisastersPost Traumatic Stress DisorderStress and Coping

        Profile picture for Dr. Samir El-Dahr

        Dr. Samir El-Dahr

        Chair, Department of Pediatrics, Jane B. Aron Professor, Mentoring Faculty, Biochemisty & Molecular Biology

          Dr. El-Dahr is an active clinician with an interest in pediatric hypertension and transplantation.

          Kidney TransplantationChronic Kidney DiseaseNephrotic SyndromePediatric HypertensionHematuriaDialysis

          Profile picture for Dr. Kendra  Harris

          Dr. Kendra Harris

          Chair, Radiation Oncology

            Dr. Kendra Harris is a COVID-19 expert in service/donation, radiation oncology and radiobiology.

            Patient SafetyRadiobiologyRadiation OncologyHealth CareCOVID-10 (Coronavirus)