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Profile picture for Liz Davey

Liz Davey


    Liz Davey is the Director of Tulane University's Office of Sustainability.

    Profile picture for Dr. Bonnie Nastasi

    Dr. Bonnie Nastasi


      Focuses on culturally appropriate health promotion & health risk prevention programming for child, adolescent & adult populations

      Mental HealthSocial JusticeChild RightsHealth Risk Prevention Programming

      Profile picture for Dr. Raju Thomas

      Dr. Raju Thomas

      Professor and Chairman, Chief of Endourology, Laparoscopy, & Stone Disease

        Has pioneered several innovative endoscopic and surgical procedures and developed the principles for their use.

        Profile picture for Dr. Samir El-Dahr

        Dr. Samir El-Dahr

        Chair, Department of Pediatrics, Jane B. Aron Professor, Mentoring Faculty, Biochemisty & Molecular Biology

          Dr. El-Dahr is an active clinician with an interest in pediatric hypertension and transplantation.

          Kidney TransplantationChronic Kidney DiseaseNephrotic SyndromePediatric HypertensionHematuriaDialysis

          Profile picture for Mita Sujan

          Mita Sujan

          Professor & Malcolm S. Woldenberg Chair of Marketing

            Professor Sujan’s award-winning research is focused on the roles of emotion and cognition in decision-making.

            Market ResearchBrand EquityConsumer BehaviorDecision MakingVulnerable Consumers