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Profile picture for Blaine Fisher

Blaine Fisher

Professor, Risk Manager, Emergency & Security Studies

    Blaine Fisher is an expert in health and medical issues in emergency management.

    Profile picture for Dr. Paul Friedlander

    Dr. Paul Friedlander

    Chairman and Program Director

      Currently investigating head and neck cancer disparity and health equity

      Mandible-Sparing Procedures for Oral Cavity TumorsCircumferential Pharyngoesophageal ReconstructionSalivary Gland SurgeryParotid SurgeryPharyngeal SurgeryRobotic-Assisted Surgery for Oral Cancer

      Profile picture for Jennifer Calzada

      Jennifer Calzada

      Director, Advanced Medical Simulation

        Jennifer Calzada helped establish the Tulane Sim Center as an efficient & effective operation for the School of Medicine.

        Profile picture for George Haddow

        George Haddow

        Senior Fellow

          George Haddow is an expert in disaster management, homeland security and disaster communications.

          Higher EducationHomeland SecurityEmergency ManagementDisaster Management

          Profile picture for Dr. Lauren Teverbaugh

          Dr. Lauren Teverbaugh

          Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Clinical Assistant Professor of Pediatrics

            Dr. Lauren Teverbaugh is a pediatrician and child and adolescent psychiatrist at Tulane University School of Medicine.

            Health Care DisparitiesChildhood Trauma, Abuse and NeglectChild PsychiatryPublic HealthMedically Underserved