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Profile picture for Anjali Sheffrin

Anjali Sheffrin


    Anjali Sheffrin is an expert in environmental and energy economics, wholesale electricity markets, and strategic analysis.

    Data AnalysisFinancial AnalysisTransmission PlanningEnvironmental EconomicsEnergy EconomicsEconomicsGeneration EngineeringHigher Education

    Profile picture for Emily Clark

    Emily Clark


      Emily Clark is a historian of early America and the Atlantic world with a specialization in New Orleans and the French Caribbean

      Francophone AtlanticHistorical MemoryAmerican Colonial HistoryWorld HistoryEarly America

      Profile picture for Dr. John Schieffelin

      Dr. John Schieffelin

      Assistant Professor of Medicine & Pediatrics, Sections of Pediatric & Adult Infectious Diseases

        His research focuses on the natural history, clinical care and immunology of viral hemorrhagic fevers (VHFs)

        COVID-19Clinical Infectious DiseaseInfections in Transplant RecipientsVirology and ImmunologyTuberculosisInternational Clinical ResearchCoronavirus

        Profile picture for Ann Yoachim

        Ann Yoachim

        Director, Albert and Tina Small Center for Collaborative Design, Professor of Practice

          Focused on facilitating interdisciplinary collaboration and shaping built, natural and social environments that impact health and wellness

          Policy AnalysisNonprofitsInternational DevelopmentProgram DevelopmentProgram Evaluation

          Profile picture for Casius Pealer

          Casius Pealer

          Director of Sustainable Real Estate Development, Shane Professor of Practice

            Professor Pealer's research focuses on affordable housing, economic development, environmental sustainability, and urbanism

            ArchitectureSocial InnovationReal EstateComprehensive PlanningReal Estate DevelopmentSocial Entrepreneurship