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Profile picture for Jiang He

Jiang He

Professor and Chair

    Jiang He is an expert in public health, epidemiology, and clinical research.

    Cardiovascular Disease PreventionGene-Environmental InteractionGlobal Cardiovascular Disease EpidemiologyClinical ResearchPublic HealthEpidemiologyClinical EpidemiologyClinical Trials and Implementation SciencesCardiometabolic diseases

    Profile picture for Charles Figley

    Charles Figley

    Dr. Paul Henry Kurzweg Distinguished Chair and Professor of Disaster Mental Health and Professor of Social Work

      Charles Figley is an internationally-known trauma expert, social work professor and head of the Tulane Trauma Institute.

      Crisis CounselingCompassion fatigueDisasters and Mental HealthTraumaDisastersPost Traumatic Stress DisorderStress and Coping

      Profile picture for Mark Diana

      Mark Diana

      Associate Professor & Chair

        Mark Diana is a healthcare policy expert. His research has focused on the organizational impact of health information systems.

        Health InsuranceHealthcare Reformhealthcare policyAffordable Care ActObamacareGlobal Health ManagementOrganizational StructureEmerging Healthcare Delivery ModelsHealth Information SystemsPatient-Central Medical HomesMedicaid Policy

        Profile picture for Mike Fitts

        Mike Fitts


          Mike Fitts is an expert in cross-disciplinary education and research as well as leadership and higher education administration.

          Higher Education AdministrationInterdisciplinary EducationLaw

          Profile picture for Dr. Lee Hamm

          Dr. Lee Hamm

          Dean, Tulane University School of Medicine

            Dr. Hamm is an expert on kidney diseases and hypertension