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Profile picture for Dr. David  Becnel

Dr. David Becnel

Associate Professor

    Dr. Becnel is an expert in internal medicine, pulmonary disease and critical care medicine.

    LungsPulmonary DiseaseCOVID-10 (Coronavirus)Clinical MedicineInternal MedicineCritical Care Medicine

    Profile picture for Tonya Hansel

    Tonya Hansel

    Director of the PhD Program

      Hansel is an expert in disaster mental health and trauma services.

      Research and StatisticsDisaster Mental HealthTrauma

      Profile picture for Dr. Robert Hendel

      Dr. Robert Hendel

      Professor of Medicine and Radiology, Sidney W. & Marilyn S. Lassen Chair in Cardiovascular Medicine

        Dr. Hendel is the Chief of the Cardiology Section and has both national and international prominence.

        Biological SciencesRadiologyCardiovascular MedicineMedicineCardiology

        Profile picture for Reginald Parquet

        Reginald Parquet

        Clinical Assistant Professor

          Has over thirty-eight years of experience in the field of behavioral health providing clinical, administrative, and programmatic leadership

          Profile picture for Casey Love

          Casey Love

          Senior Professor of Practice & Internship Coordinator

            Teaching interests include Mexican politics, U.S.-Latin American relations, immigration policy & democracy in the developing world

            Politics of ImmigrationU.S. Immigration PolicyMexican PoliticsU.S.-Latin American RelationsPolitical and Economic Development in the Global South