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Profile picture for Monica Embers

Monica Embers

Assistant Professor, Division of Bateriology and Parasitology

    Professor Embers specializes in Lyme disease.

    Cell CultureAntibiotic ResistanceLyme Disease ResearchLyme DiseaseAntibioticsMolecular Biology

    Profile picture for Walter Isaacson

    Walter Isaacson

    University Professor

      Walter Isaacson is the chair emeritus of Teach for America and has been the chairman and CEO of CNN and the editor of TIME magazine.

      News MediaAmerican HistoryHistory

      Profile picture for Robert  Allen

      Robert Allen


        Robert is an expert in the fields of security, intelligence and law enforcement.

        Military PoliciesLaw EnforcementSecurity ManagementEmergency ManagementIntelligence and Counter IntelligenceAnti-Terrorism and Force Protection

        Profile picture for Keith C. Ferdinand, MD

        Keith C. Ferdinand, MD

        Professor, Gerald S. Berenson Endowed Chair in Preventive Cardiology

          Dr. Ferdinand focuses on cardiac risk factor evaluation and control, including communities of racial and ethnic minorities.

          Cardiovascular DiseasesHyperlipidemiaCardiologyHypertensionNuclear Cardiology

          Profile picture for Marcello Canuto

          Marcello Canuto

          Professor and Director of the Middle American Research Institute

            Marcello Canuto researches integrative mechanisms that the ancient Maya used to build and maintain a socio-politically complex society.

            Ancient MayaAnthropologyMesoamericaArchaeological Remote SensingSocio-Political ComplexityArchaeologySettlement PatternsMaya StudiesAncient Civilizations