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Profile picture for Matt Sakakeeny

Matt Sakakeeny

Associate Professor of Music, Ethnomusicology

    Matt Sakakeeny studies the intersections of music, race and power.

    MusicMusicologyMusic AnthropologyEthnomusicologyBrass Bands

    Profile picture for Dr. Sarah Deland

    Dr. Sarah Deland

    Assistant Professor of Adult Psychiatry & Forensic Neurospychiatry

      Research interests: Forensic Psychiatry & Impulse Control Disorders

      AIDS & Mental Health IssuesImpulse Control DisordersSuicideGamblingForensic PsychiatryInformed Consent/Competency

      Profile picture for K. Brent Venable

      K. Brent Venable


        K. Brent Venable's expertise includes: Artificial Intelligence, Preferences, Multi-agent Systems, Temporal Reasoning

        Constraint-Based OptimizationTemporal ReasoningArtificial IntelligenceComputer ScienceComputational Social ChoicePreferences in AI

        Profile picture for Ira Solomon

        Ira Solomon

        Dean of the A.B. Freeman School of Business

          Throughout a distinguished career, Solomon has focused his research and teaching on external auditing and attestation

          AttestationBusinessAccountingExternal Auditing

          Profile picture for James "Mac" Hyman

          James "Mac" Hyman

          Evelyn and John G. Phillips Distinguished Professor in Mathematics

            James "Mac" Hyman works to build a solid mathematical foundation for difference approximations to partial differential equations

            CoronavirusEpidemicsLife SciencesStatistical ModelingDisease ManagementCOVID-19