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Profile picture for Janet "Jancy" Hoeffel

Janet "Jancy" Hoeffel

Catherine D. Pierson Professor of Law

    Janet (Jancy) Hoeffel specializes in criminal law and procedure, death penalty law and evidence

    Profile picture for Felix Rioja

    Felix Rioja

    Cowen Chair in Latin American Social Sciences & Associate Professor

      Felix Rioja has written articles on the effects of public infrastructure on economic growth, and the distribution of wealth and income

      InflationWelfareEconomic GrowthInternational MacroeconomicsFinancial EconomicsDistribution of Wealth and Income

      Profile picture for Dr. David  Becnel

      Dr. David Becnel

      Associate Professor

        Dr. Becnel is an expert in internal medicine, pulmonary disease and critical care medicine.

        LungsPulmonary DiseaseCOVID-10 (Coronavirus)Clinical MedicineInternal MedicineCritical Care Medicine

        Profile picture for Ralph Russo

        Ralph Russo

        Program Director, Professor of Practice, Applied Computing

          Ralph Russo is an expert on technology in the homeland security and public safety domains.

          Software DevelopmentComputer ScienceEmergency ManagementPublic SafetyEmergency OperationsInformation Technology ManagementTechnical Operations

          Profile picture for Kimberly Foster

          Kimberly Foster

          Dean, School of Science and Engineering & Professor, Physics and Engineering Physics & Professor, Biomedical Engineering (by Courtesy)

            Kimberly Foster’s current research interests include nonlinear microelectromechanical systems, and biomedical technology development

            Mechanics of Micro/NanosystemsHierarchical Micro/NanosystemsMEMSMicroelectromechanical SystemsBio-Inspired Micro/Nanosystems