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Profile picture for Dr. Anand Irimpen

Dr. Anand Irimpen

Professor of Medicine

    Dr. Irimpen conducted a study on the effects of Hurricane Katrina on acute myocardial infarction in New Orleanians impacted by the storm

    Cardiovascular DiseaseInterventional CardiologyCardiologyMyocardial InfarctionInternal Medicine

    Profile picture for John Healey

    John Healey

    Assistant Professor

      John Healey is an expert in firm marketing, platform marketing and using econometric methods to analyze firm performance.

      Platform MarketingSocial Media ContentMarketing CommunicationsSponsorship Agreements

      Profile picture for Dr. David  Becnel

      Dr. David Becnel

      Associate Professor

        Dr. Becnel is an expert in internal medicine, pulmonary disease and critical care medicine.

        LungsPulmonary DiseaseCOVID-10 (Coronavirus)Clinical MedicineInternal MedicineCritical Care Medicine

        Profile picture for Jeanette Gustat

        Jeanette Gustat

        Clinical Associate Professor

          Dr. Jeanette Gustat's primary research interest is in the assessment of how behavior and the physical environment impacts health outcomes

          ObesityNutritional EpidemiologyPhysical Activity PoliciesCardiovascular Risk Factors

          Profile picture for Stacy Overstreet

          Stacy Overstreet

          Associate Professor

            Professor Overstreet focuses on children at risk for maladjustment due to the presence of chronic stressors in their lives.

            Coping StrategiesViolenceAdolescentsResilienceChildrenChild TraumaPsychologyTerrorismViolence against Children