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Profile picture for Reginald Parquet

Reginald Parquet

Clinical Assistant Professor

    Has over thirty-eight years of experience in the field of behavioral health providing clinical, administrative, and programmatic leadership

    Profile picture for Rebecca Snedeker

    Rebecca Snedeker

    Clark Executive Director, New Orleans Center for the Gulf South & Director, Musical Cultures of the Gulf South

      Rebecca Snedeker has called New Orleans an “unfathomable city” and has told parts of its story on film and in her writing

      New OrleansHuman RightsNew Orleans and the Gulf SouthDocumentary FilmsCreative Expression

      Profile picture for Nora Lustig

      Nora Lustig

      Samuel Z. Stone Professor of Latin American Economics and Director of the Commitment to Equity Institute

        Nora Lustig's research focuses the impact of taxation and social spending on inequality and poverty in low and middle income countries

        Latin AmericaEconomic DevelopmentDevelopment EconomicsInequality and PovertyInequality and Social Policies

        Profile picture for Thomas Sherry

        Thomas Sherry

        Professor & Acting Chair

          Professor Sherry’s lab studies the population ecology, evolution, diversity, and conservation of birds

          Migratory PatternsNeotropical-Nearctic Bird MigrationInsectivorous Bird-Insect Co-EvolutionTropical Bird PopulationsPopulation EcologyOrnithology

          Profile picture for Troy Dannen

          Troy Dannen


            Troy Dannen embarks on his third full academic year as the Ben Weiner Director of Athletics Chair in the fall of 2018