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Profile picture for Dr. Sue Ellen Abdalian

Abdalian, Dr. Sue Ellen

Professor of Clinical Pediatrics, Section Chief, Adolescent Medicine

    Dr. Sue Ellen Abdalian's research focuses on finding better ways to protect high-risk teens and young adults from contracting HIV.

    Pre-Exposure ProphylaxisSexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)Adolescent MedicineHIV InfectionClinical Pediatrics

    Profile picture for Dr. Asim Abdel-Mageed

    Abdel-Mageed, Dr. Asim

    Zimmermann Endowed Professor

      Dr. Abdel-Mageed's lab focuses on the cellular, molecular & translational aspects of urologic diseases, especially prostate cancer

      Stem CellsProstate CancerUrologic Diseases

      Profile picture for Laura Rosanne Adderley

      Adderley, Laura Rosanne

      Associate Professor - History

        Laura Rosanne Adderley researches the cultural history of the Caribbean

        Atlantic Slave TradeCaribbeanFormation of African Diaspora Culture

        Profile picture for Iñaki Alday

        Alday, Iñaki

        Dean, Richard Koch Chair in Architecture

          Iñaki Alday utilizes a multidisciplinary global vision and social and environmental ethics to examine the role of architecture in society

          Sustainable ArchitectureEco-ethicsArchitecture and the Built EnivronmentArchitectureRiver City Urban Planning

          Profile picture for Robert  Allen

          Allen, Robert


            Robert is an expert in the fields of security, intelligence and law enforcement.

            Military PoliciesLaw EnforcementSecurity ManagementEmergency ManagementIntelligence and Counter IntelligenceAnti-Terrorism and Force Protection