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Profile picture for Manika Avasthi

Avasthi, Manika

Professional Development Instructor

Manika leads and instructs the ENGR 395 Professional Development course.

Profile picture for Carolyn Galcik

Galcik, Carolyn

Event Coordinator/Administrative Assistant

Carolyn Galcik is an event coordinator and administrative assistant for both Career Services and Student Services.

Profile picture for Rebecca Kurihine

Kurihine, Rebecca

Employer relations and communications specialist

Rebecca Kurihine is an employer relations and communications specialist

Profile picture for Laura Lemza

Lemza, Laura

Assistant Director, Career & Industry Advising

Laura Lemza provides one-on-one career advising to School of Engineering students and alumni

Profile picture for Tonia R. Sharpe, M.Ed.

Sharpe, M.Ed., Tonia R.

Professional Development Instructor/Career and Industry Advising

Teach and manage Professional Development. Provide one-on-one career advising to the College of Engineering students and alumni.

Profile picture for Anita Hazel Taylor, P.H.R.

Taylor, P.H.R., Anita Hazel

Director of VCU Engineering Career Services

Specializing in student success through extensive career planning and programming