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Profile picture for Amer Abukhalaf

Abukhalaf, Amer

Ph.D. Student, Research Assistant

Amer Abukhalafa researches disasters and emergency management with a focus on resilience at U.S institutions of higher education.

Multilingual CommunicationsHurricane WarningsAmerican EducationNatural DisastersHigher Education

Profile picture for Anita Anantharam

Anantharam, Anita

Associate Professor

Anita Anantharam’s research interests include nationalism and feminism in South Asia, women's movements, food and cultural studies.

Women and BusinessInclusionDiversityDeveloping WorldEmerging MarketsEntrepreneurshipPost-Colonial Studies

Profile picture for Rachel Arnow-Richman

Arnow-Richman, Rachel

Gerald A. Rosenthal Chair in Labor & Employment Law

Rachel Arnow-Richman teaches and publishes in the areas of employment law and contracts.

Employment LawContracts#MeToo

Profile picture for Sharon Austin

Austin, Sharon

Associate Professor

Sharon Wright Austin’s teaching and research interests are in American Government, Urban Politics, and African American Politics.

Southern PoliticsAfrican American PoliticsUrban Politics

Profile picture for Shirley Baker

Baker, Shirley

Associate Program Leader for Natural Resources

Shirley Baker has expertise in wildlife and marine animals.

Development of Models to Predict Impacts of Water Quality Parameters on Shellfish ProductivityPhysiological Mechanisms That Underlie the Effects of Water Quality on Shellfish ProductivityEffects of Water Quality on Shellfish ProductivityProvision of Ecosystem Services by ShellfishProvision of Ecosystem Services

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