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Profile picture for Vanessa Bouché

Bouché, Vanessa

Associate Professor

    Vanessa Bouché's research is at the intersection of political psychology and public policy, with a particular focus on human trafficking.

    American PoliticsPublic PolicyHuman Trafficking, Domestic and TransnationalHuman TraffickingWomen & PoliticsIdentity PoliticsPolitical PsychologyPublic OpinionAmerica and Texas Government

    Profile picture for Naomi Ekas

    Ekas, Naomi

    Associate Professor

      Naomi Ekas's research program utilizes a developmental psychology approach to understanding children’s social and emotional development.

      Marital ConflictEmerging AdulthoodParentingEmotion RegulationCaregiver Care for Families with AutismAutismEarly Infant Development (Birth to Age 3)Emotional DevelopmentAdolescenceCollege StudentsMarital Relationship

      Profile picture for Melita Garza

      Garza, Melita

      Associate Professor

        Melita Garza’s areas of expertise include journalism history, diversity, businesses and economic news and literary journalism.

        Media LiteracyFake NewsJournalism HistoryLiterary JournalismDiversityBusinesses and Economic NewsEnglish- and Spanish-language newsThe Media and Civil RightsImmigration

        Profile picture for Kylo-Patrick Hart

        Hart, Kylo-Patrick

        Chair of Film, Television, and Digital Media and Professor Film, Television and Digital Media

          Kylo-Patrick R. Hart teaches courses in film and television history, theory and criticism; film screenwriting; and queer media studies.

          StardomPopular CultureInternational CinemasMasculinity and Sexual Orientation in Film and EntertainmentMedia Representations of HIV/AIDSQueer Media Studies

          Profile picture for Jacqueline Lambiase

          Lambiase, Jacqueline

          Professor, Strategic Communication

            Jacqueline Lambiase has consulted or spoken to groups about earning their share of discussion in social media and public relations.

            teaching female political candidates in Texas how to tell their storyPublic Relations EthicsRepresentations of Gender and Sexuality in Media and Marketing