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Profile picture for Mikio Akagi

Akagi, Mikio

Assistant Professor, History and Philosophy of Science

    Expert in the history and philosophy of science, focusing on concepts of cognition and representation

    Mind/Body DualismIntersection of science, language, and mindCognitive ScienceCognitive Science

    Profile picture for Taryn Allen

    Allen, Taryn

    Associate Professor

      Taryn Allen researches the educational experiences of traditionally under-represented students, particularly Latino, in higher education.

      Qualitative Research MethodsInclusion in Higher EducationDiversity in Higher EducationEquity in Higher EducationHigher Education Leadership

      Profile picture for Amanda Allison

      Allison, Amanda

      Associate Professor, Coordinator of Art Education

        Amanda Allison is an expert in preservice art education, therapeutic art, disability, arts advocacy, and inservice art education.

        Inservice Art EducationDisabilityPreservice Art EducationTherapeutic ArtArts Advocacy

        Profile picture for Amy Anderson

        Anderson, Amy

        Assistant Professor Professional Practice

          Amy is a visiting fellow and a professor at Texas Christian University. She is a founder of Global Nurse Consultants Alliance.

          NursingHealthcare Workforce IssuesHealth PolicyHealthcare ReformPolitical Strategy

          Profile picture for Michael Bachmann

          Bachmann, Michael

          Associate Professor, Criminal Justice

            Michael Bachmann uses predictive analysis and researches cybersecurity issues to better predict crime events.

            Project Safe Neighborhoods - Violent Gang and Gun Crime Reduction ProgramGerman CultureHackersRisk Terrain ModelingCrime MappingPredictive AnalyticsCybercrimeCybersecurityNet NeutralityCrime AnalysisCrime Scene InvestigationCyber WarfareInformation Technology and Law EnforcementForeseeability of Crime Events