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Profile picture for Priyank Arora

Arora, Priyank

Assistant Professor of Operations & Information Management

Priyank Apora works to improve systems to reach social and environmental goals, such as good health, reduced poverty, clean water and energy

Nonprofit OperationsOperations AnalysisSocially reponsible operationsHeath care operationsSustainable Operations

Profile picture for M.V. Lee Badgett

Badgett, M.V. Lee

Professor of Economics / Director, Center for Public Policy and Administration / Co-director Center for Employment Equity

M. V. Lee Badgett is one of the world’s leading experts on the economics of same-sex marriage.

Economics of Sexual Orientation and Same-Sex MarriageGay MarriageLGBT InclusionLabor EconomicsSame-sex Couples

Profile picture for Erin Baker

Baker, Erin

Associate Dean and Director of Wind Energy IGERT

Erin Baker informs policymakers on energy technology in the face of climate change.

Wind TurbinesEnvironmental Decision-MakingWind EnergyIndustrial EngineeringEnergy Economics and Policy

Profile picture for Whitney  Battle-Baptiste

Battle-Baptiste, Whitney

Professor of Anthropology / Director of the W.E.B. Du Bois Center

Whitney Battle-Baptiste's research focuses on how the intersection of race, gender, class and sexuality look through an archaeological lens.

ArchaeologyBlack Feminist TheoryHeritage StudiesAfrican Studies

Profile picture for Genny Beemyn

Beemyn, Genny

Director of Stonewall Center

Genny Beemyn is an expert on the lives of transgender college students and on trans-inclusive policies and practices on college campuses.

Transgender Law and PolicyLGBTQ EqualityTransgender Mental Health Trans YouthTransgender College StudentsTransgender Issues

Profile picture for David Boutt

Boutt, David

Professor of Geosciences

David Boutt's research focuses on how water becomes groundwater and the sub-surface processes that impact it along its journey.

DroughtHydrogeologyGroundwater Recharge ProcessesGroundwaterWaterPaleo HydrologyGroundwater HydrologyWatershed Hydrology

Profile picture for Bethany Bradley

Bradley, Bethany

New England Climate Adaption Science Center Principal Investigator and Associate Professor in Environmental Conservation

Bethany Bradley studies the interactions between invasive species, land use and climate change.

Invasive Plant SpeciesInvasive Plant IssueInvasion EcologyClimate Change AdaptationClimate ChangeBiogeographySpatial EcologyInvasive Plants

Profile picture for Laura Briggs

Briggs, Laura

Professor of Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies

Laura Briggs is an expert on transnational and transracial adoption and on the U.S. history of taking children for political ends.

Transnational AdoptionReproduction PoliticsAdoptionChild Separation

Profile picture for Julie Brigham-Grette

Brigham-Grette, Julie

Professor of Geosciences

Julie Brigham-Grette is an internationally-renowned expert on climate evolution in the Arctic.

Polar climateArctic ScienceClimate ChangeSedimentologyGlaciologyStratigraphyGeological MappingChronology of Geologic SystemsArcticPolar Science

Profile picture for Michelle Budig

Budig, Michelle

Vice Provost for Faculty Development / Professor of Sociology

Michelle Budig's research includes labor market inequalities, wage penalties for caregiving, work-family policy, and nonstandard employment.

Motherhood PenaltyQuantitative MethodsSelf-EmploymentWork and Family PolicyGender and Family Status Inequality in Labor Markets