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Profile picture for Meg  Joseph

Joseph, Meg

Associate Professor, Global Fashion Management | Fashion Institute of Technology

    Expert in Global Fashion Marketing and Business Strategy

    Organization ManagementMarketingGlobal Fashion ManagementGlobal Advertising

    Profile picture for Jean Amato

    Amato, Jean

    Associate Professor, English and Communication Studies | Fashion Institute of Technology

      Jean Amato received her Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from the University of Oregon.

      Profile picture for Ron Amato

      Amato, Ron

      Professor, Photography | Fashion Institute of Technology

        Professor of Photography at FIT

        Profile picture for Rebeca Velez-San Andres

        Andres, Rebeca Velez-San

        Assistant Professor, Fashion Design | Fashion Institute of Technology

          Rebeca Velez-San Andres is an expert in fashion design.

          Profile picture for Linda Angrilli

          Angrilli, Linda

          Editor | Fashion Institute of Technology

            Linda Angrilli is the editor of Hue magazine

            Mergers & AcquisitionsBusiness DevelopmentCorporate Planning

            Profile picture for Suzanne Anoushian

            Anoushian, Suzanne

            Assistant Professor, Communication Design Pathways | Fashion Institute of Technology

              Suzanne Anoushian is an Assistant Professor, Graphic Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology, State University of New York.

              IllustrationGraphic DesignFashionTypography

              Profile picture for Joseph Antee

              Antee, Joseph

              Associate Professor, Fashion Business Management | Fashion Institute of Technology

                Joseph Antee is an Associate Professor of Fashion Busines Management

                Profile picture for Joanne Arbuckle

                Arbuckle, Joanne

                Deputy to the President for Industry Partnerships | Fashion Institute of Technology

                  Joanne Arbuckle develops and expands partnerships and collaborations nationally and globally for FIT.

                  Higher Education AdministrationFashionPartnershipsCollaborative Programs

                  Profile picture for Alexandra Armillas

                  Armillas, Alexandra

                  Assistant Professor, Fashion Design | Fashion Institute of Technology

                    Expert in Fashion Design Instruction

                    FashionFashion DesignTrends in Fashion

                    Profile picture for Preeti Arya

                    Arya, Preeti

                    Assistant Professor, Textile Development and Marketing | Fashion Institute of Technology

                      Expert in textile design

                      Clothing and Textiles

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