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Profile picture for Panagiotis (Panos) Adamopoulos

Adamopoulos, Panagiotis (Panos)

Assistant Professor of Information Systems & Operations Management

    Social MediaInformation SystemsRecommender SystemsSocial CommerceWord of MouthInternet of ThingsEconometricsMachine LearningBig DataData Science

    Profile picture for Aizhan Anarkulova

    Anarkulova, Aizhan

    Assistant Professor of Finance

      Profile picture for Michelle Andrews

      Andrews, Michelle

      Assistant Professor of Marketing

        Digital MarketingMarketing StrategyField experiments

        Profile picture for Klaas Baks

        Baks, Klaas

        Professor in the Practice of Finance; Executive Director, Center for Alternative Investments

          Alternative InvestmentsPrivate EquityEntrepreneurshipInvestment BankingMergers & AcquisitionsStrategyBusiness ValuationVenture CapitalAsset Allocation and Portfolio ManagementInvestment ManagementBusiness Development

          Profile picture for Tetyana Balyuk

          Balyuk, Tetyana

          Assistant Professor of Finance

            Financial Technology (Fintech)LendingHousehold FinanceCorporate FinanceBanking

            Profile picture for Jan  Barton

            Barton, Jan

            Associate Professor of Accounting

              Financial Reporting and DisclosureFinancial Statement AnalysisEquity ValuationDesign ThinkingNonprofit AccountingNeuroscience of financial decision making