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Shane Barter, PhD

Associate Professor of Comparative Politics

    Professor Barter focuses on Southeast Asian politics, Civilians in war, as well as autonomous areas and conflict resolution

    MinoritiesSeparatismIndonesiaConflict ResolutionSoutheast AsiaCivil WarDemocratizationThailandIslam

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    George Busenberg, PhD

    Associate Professor of Environmental Management and Policy

      Professor Busenberg focuses on environmental policy

      Environmental PolicyEnvironmental Management

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      Edward M. Feasel, PhD

      Vice President for Academic Affairs, Chief Academic Officer, Professor of Economics

        Professor Feasel is responsible for academic affairs at Soka University.

        Foreign AidEconomic GrowthEconomic outcomes and societal valuesForeign aid, international trade and foreign direct investmentOrange County EconomyEconomicsAcademic Administration

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        Michael Golden, DMA

        Professor of Music Composition and Theory, and Director, Creative Arts Program

          Michael Golden’s teaching and creative interests include composition and jazz improvisation, music and ecology, and music and peacebuilding

          Music and EcologyWorld MusicComposition (including computer music)Music TheoryJazz and ImprovisationMusic Psychology

          Profile picture for John M.  Heffron, PhD

          John M. Heffron, PhD

          Director of the MA Program in Educational Leadership and Societal Change, Professor of Educational History and Culture

            Professor Heffron is a development scholar whose focus is the cultural and intellectual history of education nationally and transnationally

            U.S. Relations in Asia and the PacificDevelopment HistoryEducational History

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