Paul Grundy, MD

Expert Lead, Pediatric, Adolescent and Young Adult Oncology

    Dr. Paul Grundy is a Professor of Pediatrics and Oncology in the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Alberta

    Adolescent and Young Adult CancersCancer in ChildrenOncologyHealthcarePublic HealthClinical ResearchCancerWilms' Tumour

    Deb Keen

    Director, Prevention

      Public health expert, developing and managing pan-Canadian cancer prevention projects

      Cancer PreventionActive LifestyleTobacco CessationEpidemiologyProgram EvaluationHealth Services ResearchHealth communication

      Celine Moore, PhD

      Director, Data Linkage and Research

        Leads the Canadian Partnership for Tomorrow Project, Canada’s largest health database involving more than 300,000 participants

        Health DataHarmonization of Health DataPopulation Health ResearchDrug DevelopmentClinical DevelopmentBiotechnologyPharmaceutical IndustryMonoclonal AntibodiesLife SciencesProtein ChemistryIntellectual PropertyContracts and Licensing

        David Mowat, MBChB

        Senior Scientific Leader, Population Health

          Dr. David Mowat is a public health physician with experience at local, provincial and federal levels

          Chronic Disease PreventionBuilt EnvironmentKnowledge TranslationWorkforce Development

          Geoff Porter, MD

          Expert Lead, Clinical Care

            Dr. Geoff Porter is an Expert Lead in Clinical Care, leading policy and program work to improve the delivery of cancer treatment in Canada

            Clinical and Health ServicesSurgical Care for Cancer PatientsCancer Health Services ResearchAccess to Cancer CareAppropriateness EfficiencyClinical Trials