Nicole Beben

Vice President, Strategy

    Nicole Beben has experience leading complex, strategic initiatives and mobilizing knowledge to create change in the health system.

    StrategyLeadershipProgram DevelopmentPerformance MeasurementKnowledge MobilizationPartner RelationsSupporting Indigenous Cancer Control Efforts

    Heather Bryant, MD, PhD

    Chief Scientific Officer

      Dr. Heather Bryant is a cancer control leader whose expertise spans the continuum - prevention and screening to diagnosis and clinical care

      EpidemiologyPublic HealthCancerClinical ResearchHealth PolicyPreventionProgram EvaluationResearchPolicyHealthcare

      Claire de Oliveira, PhD

      Expert Lead, Cancer Economics

        Claire de Oliveira's main areas of research include measurement of the economic burden and the assessment of value for money in cancer care

        Health EconomicsCancerHealth Services ResearchPolicyMental HealthChild Health

        Deborah Dudgeon, MD

        Senior Scientific Leader, Person-Centred Perspective

          Dr. Dudgeon is known internationally for her research into dyspnea (shortness of breath)

          OncologyPalliative CareCancer

          Elizabeth Eisenhauer, MD

          Expert Lead, Research

            Dr. Eisenhauer is Head of the Department of Oncology at Queen’s University

            New models of cancer careCancer control policyEducation and training of clinical cancer researchersDrug development trainingMethods in clinical cancer researchCancer clinical trialsTherapeutic drug development