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Kristine Jacquin, PhD

Dean for Student Development + Director, Post Baccalaureate Clinical Psychology Certificate Program + Doctoral Faculty - School of Psychology

    Psychology professor and licensed clinical psychologist with a consulting practice focused on forensic and neuropsychological evaluations

    Forensic PsychologyNeuropsychologySubstance Abuse in Interpersonal Violence VictimsUse and Abuse of Prescription PsychostimulantsIntellectual Disability in Capital CrimesJuror Perceptions of Sexually Violent OffensesPrediction and Prevention of Sexual OffendingClinical Psychology Preparatory CoursesBiological PsychologyPsychopharmacologyPsychopathologyAssessmentCognitive Behavioural TherapyPrediction and Prevention of StalkingPreventing and Treating Child Abuse

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    Lisa Lewis

    Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

      Financial professional with expertise in higher education, distributed learning business models and non-profit finance.

      HIgher Education FinanceNon-ProfitsEndowment ManagementTreasuryFInancial StrategiesEnrollment PlanningGraduate EducationAccreditation

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      Gerald Porter, PhD

      Provost and Senior Vice President

        Provost and Senior Vice President at Fielding Graduate University

        PsychologyPsychotherapyUniversity TeachingStudent Development

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        Katrina Rogers, PhD


          Executive, consultant, board member, and teacher in the educational and nonprofit sectors

          Sustainability Leadership International Environmental Policy Climate ChangeEnergy LawEuropean HistoryMedieval History Nonprofit ManagementArchival ResearchHermeneuticsTheory Building

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          Steven Schapiro, EdD

          Dean for Academic Affairs

            Doctoral Faculty in the School of Leadership Studies

            Human DevelopmentEducation for DemocracyCommunity-BuildingMulticultural Education Men's DevelopmentGender StudiesTeaching for DiversityTransformative LearningPsychological EducationSocial Justice EducationStructural InequalityAdult LearningHigher Education AdministrationDiversitySocial Justice

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            Monique L. Snowden, PhD

            Vice President for Institutional Planning & Effectiveness

              National Leader on issues pertaining to strategic enrollment planning, higher education analytics and innovations in academic credentialing.

              Higher Education LeadershipEnrollment & Learning AnalyticsOrganizational Change and DevelopmentOrganizational CommunicationDiscourse StudiesDiscourse AnalysisStrategic Enrollment Planning & Management

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              Orlando Taylor, PhD

              Vice President for Strategic Initiatives and Research

                National leader on issues pertaining to diversity and inclusion in higher education

                GrantsmanshipDiversity and inclusion in higher educationStem