Dr. Christopher Overgaard

Clinical Researcher, Toronto General Research Institute

    Dr. Christopher B. Overgaard is an interventional cardiologist at the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre in Toronto.

    CardiologyHigher EducationHeart Disease and StrokeInterventional Cardiology

    Dr. Danielle Andrade

    Medical Director, Epilepsy Program; Director, Epilepsy Genetics Program; Director, Transition Epilepsy Program

      Dr. Danielle Andrade is a neurologist specialized in the areas of epilepsy and genetics


      Dr. Sylvia Asa

      Pathologist, Laboratory Medicine Program

        Sylvia Asa, MD, PhD is a Pathologist in the Laboratory Medicine Program

        Laboratory DiagnosticsTelepathologyEndocrine Tumor DevelopmentEndocrine Tumor ProgressionEndocrine Tumor DetectionMolecular AlterationsTranscription FactorsEndocrine Neoplasia

        Dr. Michael Baker

        General Internal Medicine

          Developing an innovative, integrated medical care program for patients

          Clinical ResearchHaematologyInternal MedicineMedical ConsultingOncology

          Dr. Mark Bayley

          Stroke Rehabilition

            Identifying, measuring and standardizing the most effective approaches to neurological rehabilitation

            RehabilitationClinical ResearchPublic HealthHealth PromotionPatient EducationPatient SafetyPhysical TherapyTherapeutic CommunicationDysphagiaConcussionAcquired Brain Injury RehabStroke RehabBalance and Falls