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Cian O'Sullivan

Founder and CEO

Kitchener, ON, CANADA








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Beagle provides instant focus on the key areas of a contract. It reads and highlights what’s important and brings lawyers and clients together to provide input and feedback, using Artificial Intelligence and the knowledge of thousands of legal documents. Contracts can be edited and redlined by multiple parties in real-time and securely stored in one central place. Assign task and bring individuals directly into the sentence their input is needed.

Industry Expertise

  • Computer Software

Areas of Expertise

Artificial IntelligenceBusiness DevelopmentStrategyContractsContract NegotiationProject ManagementRFP Experience


University College Cork

Bachelor's of Civil Law, Law


McMaster University

Bachelor of Kinesiology, Kinesiology and Physical Education



  • CodeX The Stanford Center for Legal Informatics : Fellow

Media Appearances

Today’s Tech: ILTACON And IgniteLaw

Above the Law  online


His talk was followed by Cian O’Sullivan’s. Cian is the founder of Beagle Inc., a company that provides automatic artificial intelligent contract analysis. During his talk, “If It Sucks… Fix It,” he discussed the importance of looking at problems in new ways and improving on the status quo:...

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Kitchener startup Beagle helps make sense of legal contracts

CBC News  online


"Contracts suck. And everyone knows it and everyone has to deal with it," said company founder Cian O'Sullivan. "The purpose of Beagle is to increase your comprehension of an agreement very quickly, to be able to carve through all the language that is not necessary to what you need to do." To use Beagle, a user uploads a contract at the company's online site. Beagle quickly scans the document, going through each page in half a second, and gives you the results in easy-to-understand graphics. The result can be best described as a heat map of liability that shows which parties are most liable and in which areas...

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Look out, lawyers, here comes Beagle

The Record  online


Cian O'Sullivan is a self-taught techie and corporate lawyer with a startup called Beagle that is poised to disrupt a big part of the legal profession — the drafting and reviewing of contracts. O'Sullivan's team developed software that reviews a proposed contract at the speed of one page per second, and highlights clauses in four critical areas — responsibilities, liabilities, terminations and external references. "At the end of the day, if you look at a contract you are going to have three questions: Who is responsible for what? How do you get out of it? And who's on the hook ... if things go south?" O'Sullivan said...

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